If you Were Looking for Privacy, Gmail isn’t the Place for the Job

Jasmina Lozevska August 16, 2013 0
If you Were Looking for Privacy, Gmail isn’t the Place for the Job

All mail users have pressed the panic button as they heard a legal brief claiming that Gmail users doesn’t have privacy when they are using this service. These legal claims have occupied the world recently and we can’t be sure whether there’s online privacy anymore. Right after few security measure claims over few social networks, this new report involves Gmail and it seems that this service has violated several privacy laws in California. Google has filed a motion to dismiss as a response to this lawsuit.

The lawyers will always force you to the limits but the most surprising move is coming from Google reacting on this lawsuit saying that its users never should have expected privacy measures from Gmail. If this was a surprise for you, try and read Gmail’s Terms of Service and everything will be clearer. I’m not saying that this is a good thing and Google isn’t guilty for anything but you will see that this is how Gmail operates. Like it or not we are still using it and I know that 80% of you reading this report didn’t even open the terms of this service.

However, Google is still saying that you can’t expect privacy when you are using its mail service. As a matter of fact, this tech giant claims that you have agreed to this when you signed up because you have agreed to indexed and searchable email, contextual advertising, Priority Inbox and spam filters. These features are involve so called automated e-mail scanning. Google claims that ECP Act allows automated and index scanning via email providers in order they to delivering free Web emails. These emails are used for serving you many ads.

This doesn’t need to be awkward for you because Google knows everything about you. It reads your e-mails, knows your friends, investigates your photos, and knows your calendar entries. All of this comes from its in-house services that we are all agreed upon. When you try to search for something, Google even knows everything that is public information for you, starting from your online profiles through your marriage status ending up with your address.

The big news here isn’t that you haven’t expected privacy measures while using Gmail, the news is that every single user is now well aware of this. If this isn’t good for you, I can advise you to read everything that is related to these privacy measures just to clarify your best choices. You can always decide that this doesn’t need to be big of a deal because you just don’t care that Google reads your email and gives you some ads to put the spam messages into the spam folder. Nobody will stop you if you decide to ditch Gmail for some other service that will give you more privacy.
It’s your own choice, after all.

Have you ever questioned your privacy on Gmail? – Share your answers in the comments section bellow.

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