Rumor has it: Facebook Testing an App for Celebrities Only

Jasmina Lozevska August 16, 2013 0

We are aware that celebrities use Facebook but not as much as Twitter and because of this, several rumors are suggesting that Facebook will create a Facebook application that will be used among celebrities only. If this report happens to be true, all the VIPs will have a special place where they can hang out, of course if they decide to ditch Twitter.

Celebrities have become addicted to Twitter and they just can’t get enough of all their fans and haters talking about them. It seems that Facebook is ready to respond on this challenge by releasing its celebrity application that will attract the VIPs to start using it. There aren’t any strict details about the main feature of this app but it seems that Facebook wants to make celebrities post more and more through their verified accounts. Company’s spokesperson has confirmed that an app was tested that will let the users interact with the VIPs.

Many people have said that Twitter is the more popular social network for this fan/celebrity interaction because people can have a real talk with their idols. Someone will say that Facebook felt threatened by Twitter and will respond with its app version that will do the same thing as Twitter. We expect to do the same thing but on very improved and different way. While Twitter holds the famous, Facebook is dealing with users who are sharing Instagram pictures of their dinner or thousands of holiday pictures.


Twitter holds the spot as a social network where the big things happen. If you want to find out something new about your favorite NBA team, just follow the famous reporters and read. If you want to see where your favorite musician will hold a concert, just follow its official and verified account and you will get all the updates. The hashtags can also be used to know first-hand information about some music show or sports event.

As we said earlier, there aren’t any specific details about who is testing this new app or when it will come out. Because of this, we can say that this is just another rumor that has to be heard and shared. We will see if Facebook lure the famous into its Celebrity nest.

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