Windows Phone YouTube app Gets Updated

Jasmina Lozevska August 16, 2013 0
Windows Phone YouTube app Gets Updated

Microsoft and Google weren’t in a good relationship and we saw the first company demanding a YouTube update couple of times. Google didn’t responded on these requirements and recently, we saw a report that both of them have settled things down. We were only glad to hear that and the first product comes shortly after that. Microsoft has announced that all Windows 8 based devices’ users will be able to download a new update for the YouTube app. This isn’t good news only for the company, but for the users also, because they were forcing Microsoft’s hand to release a new update.

Before the release of this complete Windows Phone YouTube app, both companies have had a public war over this in May last year. As you can see, both companies called a truce and settled things down in order to make some features better. Microsoft was very glad to announce that they have released an updated version of the YouTube app for Windows Phone that will give consumers a greater experience. Microsoft didn’t leave things just like that and thanked Google for its support to ensure all Windows Phone users to gain quality YouTube experience. At the end, Microsoft has said that they are looking forward for this collaboration to continue in future.


This disagreement between these companies has started in May last year when Microsoft has released its own version of the YouTube app and released it for Windows Phone 8. The main problem wasn’t the releasing of this application. Google has said that this app violated the terms of its service by not allowing ads and video downloads. On Google’s letter related to this problem, Microsoft has responded updating its app allowing video downloads but not enabling ads. This was followed by a public ragging between the companies and few weeks after they have sat down and found an agreement to develop an updated version of YouTube native app.

This application is now available through the Windows Phone store and has several new built-in features. It gives you the ability to upload video content right from your smartphone, voice activation directly from the Home screen, voice search and streaming live content of YouTube live streams. With the new app you can also manage your profile and playlists, share videos on all social networks, via e-mail and text messages.

It’s always nice to see two companies get along with each other and we expect this collaboration to continue to grow even if they are competitors on the market.

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