Google Glass Finally Introduces its Own Patent Application

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0
Google Glass Finally Introduces its Own Patent Application

This generation of modern technology has been very aggressive. Yesterday was a new gadget, but today we have the latest. This does not exempt Google from the competition. The release of Google Glass is another breakthrough in modern technology. It is a head-mounted display device, which allows the users to communicate, share photos, take pictures and record videos and a lot more.

The Google Glass Finally Introduces its Own Patent Application

The user can take advantage of the device, with wireless connection or a wired one. It can connect with any wired type of connection, while the wireless connection includes Wi-Fi and the commonly used Bluetooth. One could be in the middle of skydiving and recording the adventure at the same time. The Glass is also a device that any person can afford to buy, no matter what job you have and no matter how much of an adventure seeker a person can be. It is totally hands-free and follows voice commands. That makes it very convenient to use. Anyone would live the desire of having one.

Due to its demand and not to mention the price, there have been a lot of innovations that remake the Glass. Google published a patent application that shows all the official features that only this device offers. Features that are originally created by Project Glass – the team that is tasked to focus on this device.

One unique patent application it features is the laser light addition. The user can use the laser lights to project a virtual keyboard. This is convenient for people who have a busy daily life. The device has been getting more exposure, Google CEO Sergy Brin, was spotted wearing a pair in an event in San Francisco. Although Google has been getting much attention to this invention, it is undeniable that many other versions are said to be released in the market. To mention a few, Olympus is on its way in creating their own version of the Glass; Microsoft on the other hand is in the middle their patent application for AR glasses. Even Oakley is on its way and believed to be releasing another version of this device in no time.

However, this product of Google is estimated to have a friendly price. It’s something not too hard in the pocket to handle. It is said that this will be available in Google stores in the latter part of this year. It wouldn’t be surprising for this device to have a high demand rate.

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