E-book Price-fixing involving Apple scheduled for May 2014

Jasmina Lozevska August 16, 2013 0
E-book Price-fixing involving Apple scheduled for May 2014

Apple was involved in price-fixing case this year and earlier we saw that this company will face several consequences if this case goes through. The second phase of this situation is set to continue in May 2014. On this date, we will get details whether Apple will pay something or it will walk away not spending a penny. According to some sources, this trial will determine how much will Apple needs to pay for conspiring publishers to eliminate the competition by price. This trial was scheduled for May by a federal judge.

Denise Cote is the name of the judge who ruled this trial to continue in May. She works for the U.S. District Court located in the SD of New York. This order was released for the public yesterday and this new trial will be a continuation process to a decision that occurred last month. In this decision, Denise ruled that Apple did play a certain role in this conspiracy and made publishers eliminate price competition for all e-books. Right after this decision, Apple came out with its side of this version saying that it will appeal Cote’s ruling.
Apple still hasn’t commented on this new trial and if they do, we will let you know updating this story.


Part of this ruling was that Cote believes Apple orchestrated this conspiracy because without this company, this wouldn’t happen at all. Apple has said that these are false accusations explaining that when iBookstore has launched back in 2010 it brought bigger competition to the market. This company added that it broke Amazon’s monopolistic shares on this industry.

In the first hearing that happened earlier this month in order to determine all the measures which will be taken against Apple, the U.S District Judge has suggested that future negotiations between Apple and publishers must be staggered in order both sides cannot collude. This means that it could easily happen both the publishers and Apple to fail to show that they have ever noticed an error on their collaboration ways. Either way, this situation doesn’t look so good for this company and its attorneys must built a great case in order to make this suit go away.

We will see what happens when this trial finally will be held in May. I expect Apple to put up a good fight but from my stand point it seems that this company could expect to suffer the consequences.

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