Get more Work done With your Android tablet – the best Productivity apps

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Get more Work done With your Android tablet – the best Productivity apps

Many people have replaced their laptops for powerful tablets that can do so much work and give you an easier experience. We’ve seen Android tablets that are meant only for work and find really great place fitting in every person’s working hours. These tablets have so many features that can be exposed with additional parts like keyboard stands that will bring you the same experience as a laptop plus with touch-screen support. Some of our readers asked us to make a list of the best productivity applications on Android tablets. We always meet our readers’ requirements and here is the list:

First, we will start with the recently added application by Google that helps the authorities find stolen devices. Android Device Manager helps you locate a missing device in order to help the authorities find your device and return it to you.

1. Lookout Mobile Security

Android tablet users can rely on Lookout Mobile Security in order to track their lost devices. The free version of this app scans your tablet for viruses and can make a back up of your contacts. If you choose to pay $30 for the Premium version of this app, it adds safe browsing, Remote Lock and Wipe, Privacy Advisor and Enhanced Backup. It will let you even restore the backed up content into your new device. You will need to create an account on app’s website,, in order to locate a lost device on the map. This program will even let you to sound an alarm which will let you to locate the tablet easier if you have lost it somewhere in the house.


2. FloatNSplit Keyboard

If you are searching a keyboard that will help you type fast and correct, FloatNSplit is the piece that is missing on your tablet. The word-prediction functions great and sometimes you will think that it reads your mind. There is a lot going with this application because it can easily switch between three different split views in order to give you an easier typing experience. You can create your shortcuts that will be used for faster typing and it comes with a support for many languages.
This application has the ability to convert speech to text very accurately and you can add background image or color by your choice. It allows you to choose a theme, use different fonts, set various colors on keyboard and text elements, adjust floating keyboard opacity and etc.


3. Kingsoft Office

When it comes to doing work on your tablet, we are always thinking of Office formats. We can agree that there is no application that will beat down Microsoft Office but there are several that can offer you nice experience. Android users have plenty of options to work with Office files. Kingsoft Office has the ability to support PDF, TXT, PPTX, PPT, XLSX, DOCX and DOC formats. This application enables you to access all of your stored documents using Box, Dropbox and Google Drive storage service. The Interface of this device is very simple and offering you Office-like experience you won’t feel any difficulty working on it.


4. OI File Manager

You can’t do any work without the help of file manager. OI File Manager is here to report on duty for you. This application is easy to navigate through your Android tablet file system. It has a really simple interface and on the top of this file manager you will notice the path buttons that will get you back and forth through your root folders. You can see the controls up there that will let you create folders, search, bookmarks and settings. When pictures are involved, you will see small thumbnails on the left in order to see what’s on it without opening it. Like an additional feature, this application lets you sort your files by name or even by ascending order, exclude important folders from media scans, hide some important folders or display them and you can clear the history.


5. Drippler

When I saw the name of this application I thought that it has something to deal with movies or stuff, but when I read its review I downloaded it on my Android tablet right away. It has no strings attached with movies and keeps you updated with the latest developments in the hot markets. This application generates all latest news which is related to your Android device or for the other competing best available products. Drippler is very smart and detects the model of your tablet and delivers all important information about it. These details are gathered from reliable sources which can be found around the Web.


Its interface is smooth and simple. On the top, you can find 4 tabs: Latest, Popular, Featured and Get in Sync. The last of these tabs lets you to create an account to Drippler or you can sync the app with your Facebook account. There is a slider that lets you control the frequently given updates and you can manage which updates are most important. There is an option to disable the sound if you don’t want to hear beeping all the time when you receive an update story.
There you have it. We chose these applications for your tablet that are must-have if you want greater experience while you are working on it. Don’t hesitate to download them because I can assure you that they will make your working habits easier.

Do you have any other application that is similar to these? – Share them in the comments section below and we will gladly update our list.


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