Disney Infinity Will Offer Endless Design Opportunities

Alex Bezeau August 17, 2013 0
Disney Infinity Will Offer Endless Design Opportunities


Disney wants a bigger piece of the pie and tries to enter into the digital market once again after few unsuccessful tries. The revival of its digital gaming will include few interesting options giving the users the possibility to create their own characters and landscapes and use them later in the game. According to the Wall Street Journal sources, Disney has spent over $100 million for this digital gaming project which will be called Disney Infinity. It’s ready to go really big and deep into the digital world.

This project comes out of nowhere after deep earnings and layoffs for the past few years. This project will involve everything it has been working by now including lots of Disney TV shows and some other major movies like The Incredibles, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars. The most interesting part in this project is that you can choose your own scenario of the adventure. You will be able to create your own landscapes and play with many different characters you will need to purchase them in order to play. Disney will also make money from selling collectible toys that will be based on your game characters.



According to Robert Iger, Disney CEO, the hopes for this project are high. This statement was released back in February for the analysts. Of course, failure is out of the question but when you try so hard to make an entry in a market couple of times, you must expect and be prepared for everything. I assume Disney has learnt from its mistakes and this project will come out perfect.
Previously, Disney has put all of its work and focus into Disney Interactive Media Group which received all internet properties in 2008. It has merged video games, mobile and online and according to the WSJ, this company has netted $1.41 billion in losses. Layoffs, canceled projects and video game production studios closed are also included into this margin. As you can see, Disney has lost lots of money trying to get back on track and it still has its hopes high for this new project.

The expectation is Disney Infinity to boost its digital gaming and revive the struggling division on the market. This project will be available on Sunday in the United States and Europe countries can expect it on Tuesday.

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