Newest iPhone 5S – Related Rumors Suggest 128GB Of Storage Will Be Added

Jasmina Lozevska August 18, 2013 0

Once again we are on Apple’s field as new analyst report has come out. This is more like a prediction from a well known Japanese analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who had a  couple of right predictions previously for the previous Apple smartphone models. It looks like this new prediction makes sense and we are looking forward seeing this iPhone model. He said that we can expect Apple to go bigger on this one adding the 128GB of storage capacity like it did with its iPad. This comes as an expectation from the users but we never heard it coming from an analyst. We saw a couple of complaining comments from the users saying that they lack bigger storage capacity and Apple must think of something. Some of them said that a microSD slot for expanding the memory will do the trick and others gave idea for releasing a new 128GB model. Kuo is one of them and said that we can expect a 128GB model to come this year and alongside this bigger storage capacity, Apple will include a 64-bit processor in its iPhone 5S. This means we will see a powerful iPhone model hungry for energy. If Apple makes this move we can expect an updated battery, as well. After numerous complaints about the storage capacity on Apple’s iPads, this company has released a 128GB model for the first time. The model was still under the iPad 4 series and nothing was changed except the storage capacity. Apple released this version in February this year. Since then, people are asking when will Apple release a 128GB iPhone on the market and probably they could get their answer this year. 20130817-213322.jpg Alongside this information, Kuo added that this company will add a new color option to their iPhone lineup. The upcoming iPhone 5S will be available in three colors: black, white and champagne gold. We heard this rumor previously from a Japanese website source Macotakara. This analyst also suggested that the new 64-bit processor will feature an ARMv8 architecture and will be packed into the A7 chip. This would be a very nice addition doubling the previous ARM 32-bit chips that were used on the previous iPhone models. 64-bit processor chips can offer more memory and will enable you to run more demanding software. This A7 chip is expected to boost iPhone’s performance over its predecessor. Kuo didn’t exclude to confirm the previously known rumors about the camera and the dual-LED flash. He said that the rear camera will remain with an 8-mpix sensor but will have larger f/2.0 aperture matching the HTC One. If this rumor is true, we will have larger aperture than the iPhone 5’s which means more light will get through the sensors improving the low-light performance and image quality. At the end, he added that one rumor which we heard previously might be true, also. He said that Apple considers including the sapphire home button that will have a fingerprint sensor. This will add extra security to your iPhone making it to respond only on your fingerprints. We could expect this iPhone 5S to be revealed on September 10, according to several sources. Use the comments section to share with us your expectations of this iPhone 5S.

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