Apple Sells a refurbished Apple TV for $75

Jasmina Lozevska August 19, 2013 0
Apple Sells a refurbished Apple TV for $75

We’re already familiar with this kind of deals when Apple decides to sell all those returned devices called refurbished for a lower price. Many people don’t know what refurbished really means but if you choose to order a refurbished Apple TV this company will show you why it has been returned in first place. These devices are as good as the new ones and they come with the remaining warranty period. Apple TV for $75? – Just show me where to order it!

Right before this offer, Apple was selling refurbished Apple TVs through its Apple online store for a price of $85. Maybe this is a slight discount for some but why not take advantage of it? – There were separate opinions for this price tag of $85 because for only $14 more you were able to purchase a brand new Apple TV. However, Apple now has something else on mind, delivering this device for $24 less and the price is now $75 for its refurbished Apple TV. This is one of the best deals we’ve seen for an Apple TV.


If we take a look at the history of these deals, when Apple gave away a discounted price of its refurbished devices, it has been great sign that there are new models on the horizon. To make this speculation even stronger, this discount comes before the already scheduled event for September 10 when we could see the new Apple TV. We are not going to talk about for this now because we must focus on this deal. Apple TV for $75 is a must-have for anyone who already owns Mac, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. It’s not only for the connection, but for iTunes content, too. You will be enabled to stream movies, TV shows, music and etc right on your TV and Netflix, HBO Go, ESPN and Hulu Plus are like the cherry on top.

Roku streaming box has outsold Apple’s TV because it iOS support for streaming photos, videos and music through your device. However, owning the Apple TV, you will feel the advantage of your iTunes library and mirroring games and some other stuff is just a reason plus why you need to take this deal. We have to mention once again that a refurbished device is as good as the new one and it comes with a 1-year warranty period. Many people are waiting these deals to come out in order to pay less for their favorite devices and so far, no one has complained of them.

There are no details if this is a one time offer and how long it will last, but this is not important if you choose to place your orders now.

Do you agree with them or you prefer to buy only new? – Share your answers in the comments section below.

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