iOS 7 beta to be Released the Following Week

Heidi Speare August 19, 2013 0
iOS 7 beta to be Released the Following Week


We are desperate to get the new look on our iOS devices with the new iOS 7 that has been released only for developers so far. Apple has released couple of beta versions until now and they are about to release its final iOS 7 beta 6 version in the upcoming week. The sources didn’t give any official details which day we will see this new beta version but Monday makes sense because this was the typical day for releasing beta versions by now
We are getting closer to September 10, when a media event is scheduled and the expectations and hopes are really high. We expect this iOS 7 to be released for the public alongside with a new device, probably iPhone 5S, and this date is the first deadline. After this iOS 7 beta 6, Apple will release its Gold Master version within its company in order the employees there to test it. This should start on September 5. This would likely be the version that will be released later in September resolving any problems and bugs that might be discovered.

After Apple and all partners strat feeling comfortable for releasing this new OS platform, they will release the official version, probably September 10. This day is the most rumored date and it’s already spread around thewWeb like Apple’s iPhone event. The expectations are that this company will release its iPhone 5S alongside a new budget iPhone 5C for the first time. Both will come with iOS 7 directly from the box.


Apple has a great history overhauling the entire software from beta to beta release for developers. Sometimes it happened changing the design and UI of some pieces. We are witnessing the first time ever Apple has publicly delivered its build process of each beta release. It has showed us even though some tech specialists have shared negative thoughts about UI icon design, inverted gradient of the mail app and the phone app’s shade. Apple has ignored this, as always, in order to bring a product that will circle around in millions of people’s hands. Alongside this, we received millions of positive comments and we saw some great first-look reviews about the iOS 7. Some analysts said that this will be the first major change since 2007 when the first iPhone was released and our older iPhones will feel like new ones again.

We can only hope that this iOS 7 will give us a pleasant experience like its predecessors did and we won’t have any difficulty working on it.

As we are going towards September 10th, there are more suggestions showing that this will be the day when we will welcome the iPhone 5S. We’ve already show you couple of times newest expectations, rumored specs and features for this device. Leaked images were showing cases of the new budget iPhone 5C and we could expect it to come along. Apple didn’t share any details and comments on these rumors and speculations.

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