Apple Will Likely Introduce Two iPhones September 10

Alex Bezeau August 19, 2013 0
Apple Will Likely Introduce Two iPhones September 10


As we are going towards this fall, it’s more likely that we will see two iPhones on September 10. Every recent rumor and speculation is leaning towards this date and it is likely Apple to release its iPhone 5S and long rumored budget iPhone 5C. There are lots of unanswered questions for the upcoming event and I know that you have several expectations from both of them. The so-called iPhone event promises only one thing: the iPhone 5S and maybe iPhone 5C will run on fresh version of the iOS 7. We will make a round-up of everything that has been rumored so far in order to keep on track with the latest speculations and possible features and specs.
We’re going to start two months ago when the rumors started to be more precise and the first predictions about the official date have begun.


We saw couple of analysts who reported that we will see iPhones by September. Among them was Morgan Stanley who said that he expects Apple to release few iPhones and the production will start in July. Shortly after that, we saw a report that iPhone 5S and budget-iPhone will definitely hit the market this fall. On June 21, we witnessed new leaked images of the iPhone 5S that showed only the back of this device. We noticed a larger LED flash alongside the camera lens and logic board which had completely different components layout.




We received the first rumors about iPhone 5S with a support for LTE Advanced network. This was brought up by Korean news outlet and at the same time, Chinese blog site claimed that the budget-iPhone will be available with few different colors. Few days after this report, leaked mock-up images have showed that we could expect the low-cost iPhone to be called iPhone Light and offer plastic case available in many colors.

One source claimed that the manufacturing process for the iPhone 5S will start by the end of July but we didn’t see any indications that it officially started after this speculation. The same source claimed that we will see the device late September or maybe early October. Another source has said that the fingerprint sensor could not be included in this next iPhone due supply issues. Later on, another delay report has followed, saying that the iPhone 5S launching date could be rescheduled due to changing the screen size. It was said that Apple could change the screen of its iPhone 5S from 4 inches to a 4.3-inch screen.


The only thing that will happen for sure is that both models will come out with the previously released iOS 7. Everything else remains a mystery and expectations. I know for sure that this model will have updated processor and I expect to have bigger storage capacity (128GB).
You can share with us your expectations of both iPhones in the comments section below.

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