Google Finally Releases Its Latest Innovation: The Pixel – A Touch Screen Laptop

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0
Google Finally Releases Its Latest Innovation: The Pixel – A Touch Screen Laptop

Google is on its way to competing with the high standards of Apple and Microsoft, to name a few. The competition is so high that they cannot help but have their own version. They already released a few Chromebooks before. But they say now it’s a whole new version. The first in its line – The Pixel.

Named as Pixel, introduced on Thursday, the newest Google laptop, and it’s not just a laptop. It is intended for power users, according to Sundar Pichai – Senior Vice-President for Chrome.

Referring to a statement released by Mr. Pichai, Google’s Pixel may be new to the market. But it is guaranteed that it will meet the needs of users who really want a good laptop. For social networking or for extreme office works, whatever the reason is. Google wanted to make sure that not very long, their Chromebooks will be included in the array of top options for users.

Google Finally Releases Its Latest Innovation: The Pixel – A Touch Screen Laptop

It’s not so surprising that the company eventually ventured into its own hardware line. Still, according to Mr. Pichai, Google’s engineers gave so much attention, not just to its structural design but something that will lead them to become one of the top picks. One key feature of the Pixel is its touch screen capability. It promises a higher resolution than other top of the line brands and a lot brighter. Though there is an issue of the battery draining much faster. Here are some of the mentioned features of the Pixel:

  • The computer doesn’t move when lifting the top lid
  • Option to mute the microphone, located beneath the keyboard. It is an option if you would prefer your typing not to be heard during video chats
  • Non-visible screws
  • Instant uploads of photos to Google Plus
  • Has Quickoffice where you can edit, open and send Microsoft Office files
  • Three years of Google Drive storage – 1 terabyte
  • Tap to Verizon’s network when there is no Wi-Fi connection available
  • Has two types: the Wi-Fi model and one which is LTE-equipped

For someone who is used to the more popular brands, will it be easy not to question the quality of this laptop? But Google’s Pixel, on the other hand, has promising features that are worth a try. Its price ranges from $1,300.00 to $1,450.00. Considering the LTE-equipped version has the highest price. The LTE-equipped version will be available by April and the Wi-Fi model will be out in the market next week. It will surely be available at Google Play Store and for a heads up, the Pixel by Google is manufactured in Taiwan.

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