The ‘Dotless domains’ Proposal Officially Rejected by ICANN

Jasmina Lozevska August 20, 2013 0
The ‘Dotless domains’ Proposal Officially Rejected by ICANN

Google has filed a proposal to receive allowance for its dotless domains. This company wanted every dotless domain automatically to redirect to user-desired sites through its new tech standards. Google spent several months working hard and developing these standards. In order to explain it to you what these standards include, we will give you an example. This company wanted to give you the desired search engine when you type http://search whether that will be Yahoo, Bing or Google. This didn’t pass through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers shortly called ICANN and they rejected this offer by upholding its policy. This policy stands against these so called dotless domain names.

Google only wanted to make the user experience much easier importing these dotless domains. If Google received the approval, typing http://blog would automatically direct you to a specified blog platform. The same thing stands for http://cloud directing you right to cloud services and http://app directing you to desktop and mobile application stores. The explanation which stands right behind this rejection from ICANN has managed to find that introducing these dotless domains will cause questionable stability and security risks. This has been found after several commissioning studies related to this subject.
Google hasn’t responded on this decision by ICANN.


This didn’t come as a big surprise if you keep on mind that ICANN resisted couple of times to change its opinion towards dotless domains. This organization has claimed that almost 2,000 new names of domains could arrive in meantime, but this domain introduction goes really slow. One major change for ICANN was introduced back in July when the company has activated 4 generic domains which are reported as top-level. It has introduced: .сайт and онлайн which means site and online, respectively on Russian; .游戏 which means game on Chinese and .شبكة which is “web” on Arabic.

Alongside Google who tried to gain permission for .map, .app, .cloud, .app, and .search, Amazon has also tried to get approval for .book and .amazon. So far, ICANN didn’t approved any of these but there is some hope that maybe it will change the decision in the future.

I assume that Google will continue to pursue this, including some changes in its request until ICANN changes its mind. I honestly think that ICANN would make our lives much easier accepting the proposal. We can all agree the web search will be a better experience with the dotless domains, but ICANN obviously thinks the opposite. It remains for us to wait and see if this proposal would ever be accepted.

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