Samsung Galaxy Gear coming Next Month

Heidi Speare August 20, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy Gear coming Next Month


Samsung is entering in the smartwatch market next month. This was suggested by the latest report and we could expect the much rumored Galaxy Gear smartwatch to be worn by customers by the end of this quarter. We saw some interest from tech giants for producing smartwatches that will compete on the market. Apple has been the first company who was rumored about releasing its iWatch this year and later on, Samsung CEO has said that smartwatch has been on their minds for a long period of time. Even though we expected Apple to make an entry first, it seems that Samsung has prepared its previously rumored Galaxy Gear for releasing.

It said that this gadget will make and answer phone calls, surf the internet, handle your e-mails and etc. This comes from company’s spokesperson who claims that it’s familiar with Samsung future plans. The Galaxy Gear will be running on Android OS and it will be off and running on the market before Apple’s iWatch. The official revealing date for this gadget is September 4th that is just two days before the annual IFA consumer show in Berlin. The source wasn’t identified because it was said that these plans were private.

However, Apple has not entered in the smartwatch market yet and the Galaxy Gear will challenge other tech giants like Sony Corp. in its way to create strong new market of their high-end devices. The global industry for watches is expected to generate over $60 billion this year just from sales. Companies like Samsung could be the first which will make great profits from selling multi-task gadgets that will lure customers for buying their TVs, tablets and smartphones.

According to Nomura Holdings Inc. analyst, Chung Chang Won, these wearable gadgets could create huge trends in the smartphone and tablet markets. He wasn’t sure to tell which wearable device will set up this trend, whether that will be glasses (alluding on Google Glass) or smartwatches.


It was said that this smartphone from Samsung will not feature the long rumored flexible glass display but according to other sources, this company is working hard in order to develop this bendable screen. The same source claims that it will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 3 device which is a combination of tablet computer and smartphone also known as phablet.

With Samsung releasing its smartphone version on September 4, we can expect Apple to make its next move pretty quick. If you take a look back, Samsung has released its high-end smartphone, Galaxy S4, few months ago and we haven’t still saw the next gen iPhone 5 launched. Maybe the scheduled event on September 10 will bring us the new iPhone alongside the iWatch. This could be a great thing for the smartwatch market if we going to see the Galaxy Gear and iWatch competing on the market from the first day.

Samsung Galaxy Gear will be closely synced with your Android device and you will be able to control several functions through the smartwatch.
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