T-Mobile Apologizes for Network Issues

Sara Cunningham August 20, 2013 0
T-Mobile Apologizes for Network Issues

T-Mobile is on the right track for reaching the leaders in the U.S. carrier market. This company has brought many changes in order to make its network and company better. They have succeeded in its plans so far and with John Legere leading the way, T-Mobile is becoming better and better. They accomplished so many things by now changing its carrier plans, attracting new customers, offering new high-end phones, 4G LTE support and etc. However, when you want everything to be perfect, there are always some issues that will come unexpected to disrupt your great work.

This kind of an issue has happened recently that made John Legere himself share details about this on his Twitter account. He has used this social network in order to address the customers that there are few service issues that have been disrupting the work of T-Mobile’s network subscribers. This was successfully spread across the web, regarding the fact that not every T-Mobile customer is following Legere on Twitter.


T-Mobile and Legere has heard all the complaints and he wrote on Twitter that there’s a network issue in several areas and he is working together with his team to resolve them.
Legere got very popular recently in his goal to make this carrier climbing up from the bottom among the other popular U.S carriers. T-Mobile became more competitive, personal and with aggressive approach towards the customer service and marketing. In one event, he described the carrier industry like arrogant, broke and stupid and said that T-Mobile is more like Un-Carrier. Only Legere knows the true meaning of these words.

As we said earlier, T-Mobile has been doing really great for the past period of time and added 1.1 million new subscribers to its network including the 688,000 customers to its postpaid plans. These results marked the second quarter of this year and Legere expects this number to be doubled by the end of this year.

There is no doubt that Legere brought up T-Mobile on a completely new level and we can say that it can be matched with the other carrier companies who are leading the way in the U.S. We’ve never seen this carrier aggressively approaching the market in the past and we hope that it will continue doing that in the future.
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