Nook Simple Touch’s Discount successful in UK – Coming to US Soon

Wayne Bond August 20, 2013 0
Nook Simple Touch’s Discount successful in UK – Coming to US Soon

Barns & Noble somehow still exists on the market and if we take a look few months ago, we will see that they have a really strange strategy to do that. Right after they have lowered the price for their Nook HD and Nook HD+ devices couple of times, this company has decided to do the same thing with its Nook Simple Touch. This has been already done in the U.K. and we expect the same thing to be done in the U.S. It has already started to arrive in the U.S. but hasn’t taken over the whole country yet.

Barns & Noble has dropped the retail price of its Simple Touch including Glow Light to $99 in the United States. This new price was followed by a great success in the United Kingdom. This company has made the Nook available in the U.K only for £25 (approximately $39). Ever since this discount has been made official, all UK retailers have difficulty to keep this device in stock. Some of them already said that new wave of devices will follow because they are out of stock. Although they saw a huge amount of Nook Simple Touch devices sold, eBooks sales number significantly jumped up.


The discount in the United States is not as big as in the U.K. but its still affordable for some who want great reader experience. The $99 price makes this Nook Simple Touch device the cheapest ever on the market with built-in lighting system into its hardware. The sales are expected to go up with this price tag and like it or not, it will be the direct competitor to the Amazon’s Kindle devices. The nice sales period in the UK was a result of very amazing and affordable price. Barns & Noble played a risky strategy giving the Nook for a little bit more than nothing. While noting a loss from the sales, the company has managed to keep its pace and cover the cost with its increased eBook sales. We got to admit that this is a smart strategy that has its risks, but as you can see from the U.K results, has its own advantages, too.

Bringing the price down on slower pace can’t produce the same impact as reducing the price once. If this company sees the great sales results of eBooks and Hardware in the US like it has seen in the UK, we can expect them to lower the price even more. This comes only to one thing: either you wait and see what will happen or you can buy it now because the $99 price tag isn’t expensive at all.
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