Windows 8.1 coming This October

Sara Cunningham August 20, 2013 0
Windows 8.1 coming This October

Microsoft has unveiled its long awaited update for Windows 8 called Windows 8.1. This software update, codenamed Blue, is not launched for the public yet and several sources are claiming that October will be the month when we will see this Windows. It’s been a whole year since Microsoft has released this Windows 8 and we saw separate opinions for it. Some were claiming that it’s the best thing that ever happen to the touch-screen devices and others were just unsatisfied.

It’s expected this update do be available for all new users and they will be able to download it from Microsoft’s Windows Store. The official scheduled launching date is October 17th. This update is expected to be available on October 18 at all retail stores. Every Windows device user should be excited now as they already saw what updates does Windows Blue includes. We saw some great comments and reviews for it but the performance is yet to be discovered.

While announcing this release date on its official blog site, Microsoft has said that Windows Blue will continue the already known vision that started with its predecessor. It will represent a great example of what they have been working on for the past period of time. Microsoft added that this will be an example of their improvement for all of their customers and commitment to innovation.


Among the big changes, Microsoft 8.1 OS includes a search feature that has been powered by Bing which will show all users results from their links, files and Web info. They also receive more options for customization which are featured by Windows Blue. Starting from the Start Screen, users will be now enabled to choose their animated pictures or personally taken images to use them as a background. This is totally opposite of what we had previously – setting only color backgrounds. You can even set up lock screen slide shows now instead placing only an image that doesn’t move.
Other changes that this new Windows OS version includes is new Internet Explorer, SkyDrive cloud that is used for saving files and quicker performance. We won’t take you back few months ago when we have done a total review of all new features which will be included on this Windows 8.1.

If you can’t wait any longer, you can sign up and start using the trial version now. This is a great opportunity if you want to be ahead on time and be prepared when the real thing comes. Microsoft said that it’s more than exciting to deliver new Windows update to all customers when Windows 8 celebrates its first birthday. This company has some high expectations of this new update and believes that will give users a brand new experience with its Windows based devices. We are really looking forward to see if these expectations will meet our criteria and receive a positive feedback.
Share your comments and performance expectations of this new Windows 8.1 in the comments section below.

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