Are you Prepared for the Gold iPhone 5S coming this September?

Heidi Speare August 20, 2013 0
Are you Prepared for the Gold iPhone 5S coming this September?


Once again we are at Apple’s field with the most interesting report to date. We mentioned couple of times that we can expect the iPhone 5S launch at an event scheduled for September 10. It could sport a dual-flash separated from the camera lens and maybe an upgraded camera sensor. It will come with iOS 7 right out of the box and will be faster and stronger without any bigger design change. According to numerous reports, Apple could surprise us with a brand new color option, champagne gold. You got to admit that a device like the iPhone would look stunning in gold.

Until now, we could only choose between white and black iPhone model but this could be changed with the next gen iPhone 5 as it might come with another color option. According to TechCrunch’s sources, Apple plans to add the champagne gold option for its iPhone 5S. This device will be covered with gold color which will be more subtle champagne and similar to the iPod Mini gold. This color will definitely sell more in the Indian and Chinese markets where it happens to be very popular. We could expect this to happen now because gold is the most popular color that is used for aftermarket adjustment to any of the previous iPhones.


TechCrunch isn’t the only site that has released this statement because a week ago, we received similar report from French Website and BGR. We didn’t put much thought into it because we know how Apple is strict about its design and because all previous iPhones were only available in white and black. We can all can agree that this is perfect time for some color change. While every other website is reporting rumors and speculations, Ming Chi Kuo from KGI Securities gave us this interesting information related to this new product from Apple claiming that it will be offered in gold. He reported that he and his company expect a new look with golden case and 128GB storage option.

From other reports, another interesting rumor involves fingerprint sensor. If this rumor is true, the iPhone 5S will be the first device that came out of Apple with this kind of a sensor. Motorola didn’t get great success with its Atrix 4G device that featured a fingerprint sensor because the sensor didn’t work as it should unrecognizing users’ fingerprints.

We are few weeks away from the rumored iPhone event which is set to happen on September 10. We could expect the iOS 7 released for the public alongside a new iPhone 5S device and this company could enter into the budget-market with its rumored low cost iPhone 5C.
Will Apple make this move with this color and fingerprint sensor or they will leave this for the iPhone 6? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below, we will really appreciate it.

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