Gigabit Internet available in China by 2020

Sara Cunningham August 21, 2013 0
Gigabit Internet available in China by 2020

China has set a goal for bringing the fastest Internet speed ever and people living there could expect this to happen by 2020. The Government in this country has sat down this weekend and declared that by 2020, the Internet speed will reach 50 Mbps in the country and 12 Mbps in the rural areas. Like an addition to this, gigabit fast internet service that can go up to 1000 Mbps is expected to hit the more developed cities in the country.

According to previous reports, China has almost 600 million of Internet population, which is the largest of the world. They have failed in giving people faster internet as the country is able to reach only 1.7 Mbps. This result puts the country far behind many other countries in Asia. This report comes from Akamai Technologies. Only to compare, South Korea Internet speed reaches up to 14.2 Mbps and the Internet speed in Japan reaches 11.7 Mbps. In the U.S the Internet speed is lower than these average 8.6 Mbps.


China has a vivid plan of delivering this fast broadband to reach 400 million households by the previously mentioned deadline. They expect to deliver mobile 3G and 4G to 85% of the people in the country. The current 3G reach is 27% of the mobile customers. This is a great opportunity and opens the door for other market boosts. Chinese Government announced this right after launching a program for developing the IT industry in this country. This could boost PC and smartphone sales and give more investments to IT related companies within the borders of this nation.

China plans to file a license procedure for 4G network but this is scheduled to happen by the end of this year. This 4G network could gain speeds over 100 Mbps. This isn’t the first time we see China setting a goal for increasing the speeds of its national Internet. Back in 2011, anti-monopoly investigation was launched against China Unicom and China Telecom, broadband providers. This investigation was for Internet prices which were really high. Both companies responded that the authorities must increase the Internet speed in order them to keep the prices low and give fast Internet.

China is making efforts to increase its nation internet speed in favor of its population, which is good news. We all want our Internet to be fast in order to get things done and China is the country that could really use the gigabit Internet.

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