Amazon Crashes for 40 min, Loses $5 Million

Heidi Speare August 21, 2013 0
Amazon Crashes for 40 min, Loses $5 Million


‘Time is money’ is the best phrase that can describe this situation. If you are into the internet business, you would want to keep it steady without crashes. It’s really easy to say this but when it comes to reality, things are a little bit messy and more difficult. Every day there are dozens of barriers which you need to cross in order to avoid suffering a lost. The last in the line which was hurt with $5 million is This site went down only for 40 minutes and lost couple of millions, which is not a trivial thing.

This site was offline around 1 p.m. on Monday and the reason for this is still undisclosed. The issue that caused crash has made the website unavailable only for Canadian and U.S. visitors. VentureBeat and “Down for Everyone or Just Me” have confirmed that this site was down for more than 20 minutes. Later we received a report that this site was down for more than 40 minutes that caused the company lose lots of money.


We still can’t say for sure how many minutes has this outage lasted because different sources are reporting a different time period. Some are saying that it has been offline for 15 min, others for 25 and third for 40 and 45 minutes. Based on some calculations, if this site was down for 40 minutes, it caused the company $4.72 million in sales. This was found by Puget Sound Business Journal estimations based on average sales per minute. Amazon averages at $117,882 a minute of its sales and from here, they have received the final number of lost sales. There aren’t any official numbers coming from the company and this number stays as an average figure.

We aren’t certain how many sales would happen at that exact period of time because it was in the middle of the day when everyone stays at home under its cold air-conditioner ordering some useful stuff for the hot summer days. Gigaom said that some country-specific websites of Amazon like and Zappos were online while this outage has been causing problems for the main site.

This isn’t something that you could see on regular basis. stands as one of strongest websites that rarely goes down. We saw its cloud service going down twice last year while taking out some partner sites like Reddit, Instagram and Netflix. This is a different situation but everything is right where it belongs now and people can order all the things that they wanted yesterday.

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