Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Once Again Out of Stock in America

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0
Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Once Again Out of Stock in America

February 9, it was the mark of the day Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB was launched. On the same day, it went out of stock on online stores. As promised by the company, the said device was then available after a few days it went out of stock. This provided a relief for the avid fans of the gadget. Though it only lasted for a few days.

Now, a report has been confirmed by CNET says that some Microsoft stores have limited stocks of the Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB. The stores in Boston (Prudential Centre), Huntington Station, New York and the same with Century City(Los Angeles, CA). All had limited stocks of the 128GB model. Also, there are stores that didn’t have the model on hand at all. Like the Microsoft store in New Jersey and Texas.

Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Once Again Out of Stock in America

This situation contradicts of a statement released by Panos Panay. The head of the Microsoft Surface Team on February 13 which quotes:

“We’re working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.“

If you visit Microsoft’s online store as of Thursday, it shows that Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB is nowhere in stock again, that is according to Neowin. This report again doesn’t meet the statement released by Microsoft last February 13.

It seems like people are getting too much urge to grab one of these gadgets. One option is to purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB instead. The other option would be to wait 2-3 weeks’ time; it would probably be March 1. Have it delivered right at your doorstep. But the question is can you still wait? Or when will it ever be made available again?

It’s amazing that it is only one of the few products that dominate the sales online. It is one of the products that propagated outside physical stores. “Surface is a real business. In an environment in which there’s 350 million PCs sold, I don’t think Surface is going to dominate volume, but it’s a real business,” an official statement by Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO.

Surface Pro 64GB is priced at $899 and is readily available online and on outside stores. While the Surface Pro 128GB is priced $999, with no assurance yet as to when it will be ever available again.

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