Nokia to Launch a Massive-Screen Windows Phone this Year Codenamed Nokia Bandit

Jasmina Lozevska August 21, 2013 0

Right after Nokia had received a positive feedback and great reviews about its latest Lumia smartphones, this company wants something even bigger. This word “bigger” is not misused because this company wants to make an entry in the phablet area. It depends which screen sizes you prefer on a smartphone because some people are really comfortable holding a smartphone with a big screen. This won’t be one of these who smartphones are meant for holding with one hand because it will give you a hard time while working on it.

Nokia has plans for releasing a big-screen smartphone that will run on Windows Phone. It should be launched on the market later this year and some sources are claiming that this phone is passing its first testing procedures. It was said that this phone will include a 6-inch display which will offer a 1080p resolution. This device that goes under the codename Bandit will be powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor chip and this could be one of the many planned Windows Phone devices that will come out on the market.


According to some of our reliable sources, Nokia Bandit will come with a main rear-facing camera that will have a 20-mpix sensor. As for the design it will be very similar to the previously announced Lumia 925 in order to accommodate this camera. This device will be light and very thin and its body will be made from polycarbonate material. Microsoft is into works for improving its Windows Phone-based OS in order to support devices like the Nokia Bandit. It will have extra support for 1080 pixel resolution screens with additional Live Tiles column displayed on the Home screen. We’ve already seen that the latest update for Windows Phone OS features GDR3, rotation lock, Driving Mode and some other minor changes in the user interface.

From the other news related to Nokia, its Lumia 925 is set to offer through more carriers. Nokia is set to release this smartphone through many US carriers in order to be brought closely to other potential users. We’ve been told that Nokia Bandit is currently on a test period at AT&T and this carrier could be its official carrier. The phone is set to debut later this year.

Nokia entering the big-screen market is interesting news for the competition. If this device sports all the rumored features and specs it will enter like a direct competitor to the recently launched Galaxy Mega from Samsung. AT&T announced that the Galaxy Mega will be available in its retail stores on Friday. As soon as we receive more information about this device we will let you know.
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