Xbox One Preorders Enables its Owners to play FIFA 14

Jasmina Lozevska August 23, 2013 0
Xbox One Preorders Enables its Owners to play FIFA 14

The official release date of Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console is getting closer and we expect this platform to remain on top for the next couple of years. We can’t exclude its biggest and toughest competitor Sony, but I think that Xbox One will be the next gen gaming console that will mark a great success. At the unveiling event, we saw that Microsoft really did a great work improving this console from its predecessor, making it usable for every member of your family. There were some criticisms about its Kinect always-on feature but Microsoft has resolved that few weeks earlier. Now gamers only need to wait a little bit more for ordering this device.

As time passes, Microsoft tries to lure more and more gamers to its Xbox One. This new report shows that this gaming console will come equipped with the most popular soccer game worldwide, FIFA 14. Microsoft has announced that this game will be included into this console at Gamescom event in Berlin. If you played any of the previous FIFA versions you already know that this game is a massive title. It’s most popular in Europe and keeping on mind this, Microsoft has decided to include this game in the pre-order Xbox One versions in Europe.

This game developed by EA Sports has been really popular on the Xbox 360 and PS 3. The expectations for this game are also high and it’s certain that it will also be one of the most popular game titles on Xbox One and PS 4. According to the company, this game will arrive like a digital copy available for download. Before this, Microsoft has announced that it will offer some exclusive FIFA 14 feature for its Xbox One. Even before this announcement, we knew that this company has a special plan on how to offer this game.

xbox one fifa 14

This exclusive feature is Ultimate FIFA Team Legends which extends this game online in order to include some of the big soccer legendary players. Its predecessor, FIFA 13 was on top of many chart lists on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. According to some sources that already tested the game, FIFA 14 brings key gameplay evolutions. The physics of the ball and movement of the players are adjusted and adding realism to its gameplay will bring more joy and players will be satisfied while scoring amazing goals.

FIFA always was ahead of its biggest competitors. EA Sports knows how to make things right and respond to the gamers’ wishes. With this announcement, Microsoft will gain bigger popularity and they are on the right track right before making this console available on the market.

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