iPhone-Related Rumors will soon Come to an End

Alex Bezeau August 23, 2013 0
iPhone-Related Rumors will soon Come to an End


Apple’s iPhone 5S rumors might end very soon as the rumors are suggesting that we will see this device coming out on September 10. We can’t say that this is official but we hope for something to happen as many are suggesting heading towards this date. We are covering them all and keeping an eye of this day and if it happens to be true, our team will give you every information you need to know about the iPhone 5S right after the end of this event.  If these sources are right, iPhone fans will no longer be waiting to see their favorite smartphone manufacturer keeping this iPhone secret from them.

Let’s see what we know for this device so far.

The iPhone 5S will be identical by design with the exciting version the iPhone 5. There will be slight changes, as we expect this phone to feature a dual-LED flash that will be separated of the main rear-facing camera lens. On the other hand, we can expect an improved rear camera that will have a 12-mpix sensor. At first sight, you will be able to see the same device but when you look at it from up close you will notice that the detailing will be more precise. People won’t care about design details because according from many analysts and consumers the iPhone 5 was made perfect, the hardware and software features will be the main interest here. However, we also know that the iPhone 5S will come out in one more color option and that is – gold.


When you look at up front, atop the display you will notice a long line instead of a dot and short line. This means that Apple will push a simpler design with a single hole including speaker and sensors. You could see the front-facing camera placed little bit higher than on the iPhone 5 and will have a smaller opening lens.

The same thing goes for the rear-camera, too, as it’s expected the camera lens to be slightly smaller than its predecessor. The bottoms of both compared devices, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, will be the exactly the same.

These are the most common expectations that came from many sources claiming that this information is reliable. There are no details about the hardware and software part of this model except that we can expect a faster A7 processor and longer battery life. We are looking forward for September 10 to see what difference will bring the iPhone 5S.

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