Is Toshiba Excite Pro as Satisfying as What We’ve Been Expecting?

Jaycee De Guzman August 24, 2013 0
Is Toshiba Excite Pro as Satisfying as What We’ve Been Expecting?


Toshiba has already released its official design for the tablet computers it is planning to release this year. One of its newly released devices that are carrying the same design is the Toshiba Excite Pro tablet. It has curvy edges with an aluminum or silver back cover. This tablet has a lot to offer, but most of the users are not that satisfied with the performance of this tablet. We’re about to find out why.

It’s a 10-inch tablet that has a very flat back and front surface. Its color combination is very sleek and makes it look very sophisticated. It has better screen resolution, but can’t withstand too much brightness. The texts and images seem to disappear whenever the surrounding is too bright. The colors of the images also seem to fade in a normal-lit room.

Is Toshiba Excite Pro as Satisfying as What We’ve Been Expecting 2

However, it has an 8 megapixel camera that is more than enough for a tablet camera. Most of the cameras installed in tablets are up to 2-5 megapixels only. It also has an LED light at the back camera which flashes as soon as the feature is switched on. It may be a wide tablet, but it only weighs a few points more than a pound. It weighs exactly 1.39 pounds, which is as light as the Nexus 10 tablet.


It is running Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and is paired by a quad-core processor. Along with its quad-core processor is its 2GB value of RAM, which makes the users expect more from this tablet. It is a tablet that is available with a 32GB of memory storage, which makes its price rise to $500. It’s sad to know that Toshiba is not giving anyone a chance to purchase this tablet at a lower price because it’s not available in a version with lower memory storage capacity.

According to some users, the tablet tends to overheat after a few minutes of using it. This problem is not tolerable for a tablet at a price of half a thousand dollars. There are also times that the tablet shuts down completely on its own and will cause too much hassle for the user. There are also a number of times that the screen doesn’t follow the touch direction of the user and worst, it becomes unresponsive at times.

These are issues that are bothering our consumers. Some people are very hesitant to choose this tablet over an iPad or a Nexus. It makes us think that it’s time for Toshiba to recall all the Excite Pro released and solve these issues first in order for the table to be worthy of its $500 price tag.

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