Yahoo more visited than Google in US this July

Sara Cunningham August 24, 2013 0
Yahoo more visited than Google in US this July

I always thought that I’m not going to be alive when some other search engine or webpage will be more visited than Google. I’m very proud to announce that I’m right here sitting and writing about Yahoo surpassing Google in web traffic for the previous month. This report comes from comScore and it seems that Yahoo has a great vision on how to make things right and already started implementing that plan into its strategy for being number 1. However, the difference isn’t big enough for us to tell that Yahoo will be better than Google but if we have the same result for this month, we can say that it will be the perfect time for pressing the panic button.

For the past month, Yahoo has reported a 196.6 million mark of unique visitors and Google has trailed behind with 192.3 million unique visitors. This is the first time we saw Yahoo returning to the top for web traffic after it did the same thing two years ago in May. The most interesting part about this report is that this number doesn’t include the data which was received by Tumblr. This company has been acquired by Yahoo for $1 billion earlier in 2013. We can say that Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, continues to do a great job in her first year as head of this company. She was able to mark couple of successes and this could be another victory that will be marked in this industry. The biggest victory is, of course, doubling the value of the company’s shares since she was appointed as a chief executive.

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This is another indicator of how Yahoo deals with things concerning the company now. We can expect more great successes of this company on a longer term because Marissa clearly said there is a bright future ahead of them. Right after she took over, Yahoo managed to purchase few other smaller companies and it was involved in making offers for couple of others but had no luck getting them. This new success could be used into improving the company and as a motivation for accomplishing other goals.

The other companies that are included into the Top 5 most visited companies are: Google as number two, Microsoft claiming the no.3 spot, Facebook as 4th and closing the top 5 is AOL. Traffic maybe doesn’t mean anything for these companies but if Yahoo keeps this pace in future, this will seriously affect revenue, as well.

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