New MacBook Pros with Haswell Chips to Ship in September

Jasmina Lozevska August 24, 2013 0

Apple’s busy fall just got busier because new MacBook Pros could be on their way. It was said that Apple started producing its next gen MacBook Pros and we could expect them to debut on September 10. All rumors about Apple unveiling new devices are heading towards this date and according to latest rumors, we can expect the official release of iOS 7, unveiling of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and MacBook Pro. Apple hasn’t said anything about this and I personally, don’t think that this company will release all of these devices on the same date.

According to EMSOne, a Hong Kong-based company that monitors the supply chain, several Taiwanese manufacturers of Intel’s Haswell processor chips have begun shipping components to Apple for the needs of the new MacBook Pros. These Haswell processors have debuted in Apple’s MacBook Air 2013 at this year’s WWDC event. They have been designed by Intel in order to bring more power efficiency and better computational performance. Intel has developed them using a 22-nm process like it has used on its previous processor chips.

We could expect the MacBook Pro to offer the same power saving as the MacBook Air has offered. The most interesting part about the Air was maintaining the same capacity of the battery at its predecessors and still managed to last much longer after full charge. The MacBook Air 13-inch model has improved its battery life by 5 hours long after the Haswell processor chip has become part of it. The other, the 11-inch model, has gained 4 hours.


It seems that Apple didn’t have any intentions of stopping here. As the rumors flow, we can expect the MacBook Pros to have an increased and impressive graphic performance. Some leaked benchmark tests have reported that the Pros can come equipped with new Iris Pro 5200 Intel GPU. This is the latest model of Intel’s integrated graphics that is strong enough to compete on the market with powerful GPUs from AMD and Nvidia.

It’s still undisclosed what will Apple do with its hard disc-based and non-Retina MacBook Pros. It’s expected these models to continue being manufactured but when Apple is in question, everything is possible. All future calculations and benefits are still not specified and everything that remains is either a rumor or a personal expectation.

Apple did a great job with its MacBook Air and many people seemed satisfied and said that this device has met their requirements. Those who are not big MacBook Air fans also had couple of great comments about it but remained focused on the new MacBook Pro releases. Now we have a reason more to be impatient for the event scheduled on September 10. Apple has an even bigger ground to cover now.

Will Apple release every device that has been rumoredso far on this event? – Tell us what you think in the comments section bellow.

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