Vine has Surpassed 40 Million Users, Announced on Twitter

Alex Bezeau August 24, 2013 0
Vine has Surpassed 40 Million Users, Announced on Twitter


The short recording video app is reporting success after success and now it has a clear path ahead of it without any other app stopping it. Back in June, we reported that Vine was the most downloaded non-gaming application and it had 13 million active users. Here are we now at a new record set by this company. Vine has announced via Twitter that they have successfully surpassed the 40 million mark of active users. Many questions have occurred about what is hiding behind this big success and according to many market analysts, the answer is: comedy.

Vine has grown breathtaking 207% since hitting the 13 million mark back in June. If you take that Vine has been launched in January this year, you will conclude that this video shooting app has become the leader in its market. There are now 40 million people who are addicted to shooting 6-seconds long videos with their iOS or Android based devices. The market isn’t that crowded as it should be but there are still competitive companies that are trying to take over Vine. These are Tout, Kik, Viddy and the Vine’s biggest competitor Instagram, that has gained an enormous popularity in editing images and recently added short-video shooting feature. However, the Twitter-owned video shooting service has distanced itself from these with comedy.



After it got launched, users have begun to take advantage of these short, also called, GIF videos making extremely funny videos and posting them to Twitter and Facebook. Shooting the 6-second videos is a fun thing to do and the majority of Vine users has brought this to perfection, delivering exactly what they had in mind for this short period of time. They’ve become even funnier because of Vine’s loop video feature which enabled the users to play the video right from the beginning until a viewer decides to stop it or watch another Vine.

With so many short videos, Vine has become a Comedy Center where everyone comes to have a good laugh. Vine isn’t the only one that is sharing these videos. There are other websites like that shows all the latest videos which are uploaded and shared on the app. and Best Vines, which is a page on Facebook, also shares the funniest videos which are uploaded through this app. You can go to these web and Facebook pages in order to see what these people have to offer you. You can find a variety of amusing videos that will definitely cheer you up throughout the day.

Instagram still hasn’t found what it takes to compete when it comes to videos and this is the biggest reason why we are not seeing Instagram videos more often. This application is more of a place where many users are sharing their amazing and artistic pictures and like it or not, there isn’t a place for comedy at this point.

If Facebook can’t find its niche and figure out how to make users shoot and share Instagram videos, Vine will grow bigger and there will be nothing stopping it.

Have you made your funny video on Vine? – Share your impressions on Vine with us.

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