Low-cost iPhone 5C coming in Plastics and 5 Color Options

Heidi Speare August 24, 2013 0
Low-cost iPhone 5C coming in Plastics and 5 Color Options


While many of us are still debating the price of the next 2 iPhones that probably will come out next month, Taiwanese news outlet has reported something else. This site said that Apple is set to unveil few iPhones next month along with its low-cost iPhone 5C with plastic cover. We already heard that the iPhone 5C will be made of plastic but this site also claims that it will be offered in 5 colors. Many different rumors have been spread and we still can’t decide what to expect before the official date comes.

This Taiwanese source, Apple Daily, has showed the back side of the rumored iPhone 5C and said that it will be scratch resistant. Ben Thompson, an analyst from this country, first alerted the U.S public with this story tweeting in its official Twitter profile. According to this source, the iPhone 5C will be available in 5 colors: yellow, white, red, blue and green. We could see iPhone 3GS duplicate in this device with more sophisticated cover and thicker body. The iPhone 3GS was the last device that came out covered in plastic before switching to aluminum.

This source even gave some details about the iPhone 5C being 27% thinner than the previously mentioned iPhone 3GS and 17% thicker than the iPhone 5S. Speaking of the next gen iPhone 5, there is a possibility this phone to be available in 3 colors: black, white and champagne gold. We have shared these details in some of the previous reports. There are still no details shared about what will this low-cost smartphone include under the hood. There is an expectation that the iPhone 5C could come with a dual-flash for its camera but this is more likely to happen on the iPhone 5S.

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As we said at the beginning, the main debate isn’t for the body structure neither for the inner part of the device. The most important information will be the price of this iPhone 5C. Some of the loudest blogs and web pages like Thompson Today are saying that it will be selling from $299 to $399 price range. Thompson has put their bets on two different devices: $299 for iPhone 5C without 4G LTE support and $399 iPhone 5C with 4G LTE support.

Many others didn’t agree with this, saying that Apple will release only one model of its iPhone 5C. These sources have said that this company will set a price range between $339 and $399. We can say that the iPhone 5C could replace Apple’s iPhone 4 worldwide where we are seeing iPhone 5 as a priciest phone, iPhone 4S offered for $99 and iPhone 4 for free on 2-year contract. Apple is expected to unveil this phone alongside the iPhone 5S on September 10 when a media event is scheduled. It could start selling these devices on September 20 in all markets.

Every rumor that we’ve seen and reported makes sense. You can use the comments section to share your expectations of both devices.

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