Real-time traffic reports by Waze Coming to Google Maps

Wayne Bond August 24, 2013 0
Real-time traffic reports by Waze Coming to Google Maps

It has always been difficult to avoid traffic jam and because of that, very often you are late for work or for some important meeting. Google has found a solution how to resolve all that, importing Waze traffic real-time reports into Google Maps. This app can now help you avoid bigger traffic jams whether you are iOS or Android user. This update comes to both OS versions. This is one of the many remaining steps which Google will take from its newly bought company.

Waze was bought for $1.3 billion and now it’s finally showing up to the surface. Users will be able to get information about traffic on the way to their destination. This is the first collaboration between Google Maps and Waze for both iOS and Android platforms. Waze will be able to show you collisions, road construction and road closures which are reported from all users of Waze. Google took advantage acquiring this company after Facebook has lost its big interest because Waze CEOs wanted to keep all of their HQs where they belong in Tel Aviv.

Brian McClendon, Google Maps VP, has said that this integration will bring a huge impact on all users of Google Maps. He informed that Waze users who will be involved into reporting those live traffic reports won’t be credited by name but they have offered them an exposure to many people. It’s still not clear whether Google has bought Waze making unfair business in the market because the U.S Federal Trade Commission is still revising this acquisition. When asked about this, McClendon said that this probe has no attachments with this map integration.


Google still hasn’t fully integrated Waze into its Maps and this could be completed sometime in 2014. It is not known if Google will make its Google Maps users traffic reporters, too, or will rely on Waze users which may voice discontent to Google. If this company wants this project to work, they need to involve its users into reporting road collisions and closures in order to bring even more reliable information. These are only first steps into this project and maybe Google has this on mind but it keeps it for later upgrades.

Waze users will be able to share road-reports from the U.S, South America and Europe so this means that Google Maps will be fulfilled with plenty of info. McClendon said that there will be local ads included but it’s still early for this to be mentioned. Each person of the team has very good ideas and lots of experiments on mind. It seems that we need to wait a whole year in order to see what will be the final product. We hope that this will develop in one successful project that will make everyone satisfied.

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