Android Users will finally get Nextdoor Community App

Sara Cunningham August 24, 2013 0
Android Users will finally get Nextdoor Community App

Nextdoor Community has released its app for iOS devices back in May and since then, Android users have been impatient to see this app on their devices. They can now put an end to their waiting because Nextdoor Community has decided to take a wider step making its app available for Android. These users can now enjoy all alerts and news related to their neighborhood received right on their devices’ display.

This version of the app has been launched 90 days after it was launched on iOS and offers a completely different app experience. Nextdoor has quickly become the app that brought life to every neighborhood. People now feel more comfortable living in their neighborhood because this app enables them to find a babysitter or some other personal things for what they can get help right away. This was pointed out by the CEO of this company, Nirav Tolia. The interface experience isn’t much changed from iOS’s and those who are familiar with it will not feel any difficulty going through it. Tolia has explained that they always tend to built something which offers easiness in order to be used by everyone.

In May, this app had 14,000 neighborhoods attached and now this mark is growing. They are quickly approaching to the 18,000 mark with the addition of 50 new districts plus sending more than 1 million messages per day. This interesting service which isn’t only available for major cities has been launched in New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco.


In order to enter into the Nextdoor community, you must identify with your home address, mobile number or banking information. Don’t be frightened by the banking word because signing up to this service is free. Those who are connected to this service are using this app in order to keep connected with the neighbors and keep them safe. You can use the app to report stuff such as lost dog or report a suspicious thing in the neighborhood or invite them all to a birthday party.

Tolia has said that technology has begun to play a big role bringing back the lost relationship with the people that surround you. Computers haven’t done anything into making neighbors feel comfortable and closely attached to the place where they live.

This application is now available for both iOS and Android users in their application stores.

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