Apple Purchases A Small Mapping Company Called Embark

Alex Bezeau August 24, 2013 0
Apple Purchases A Small Mapping Company Called Embark


This report takes our thoughts away for a second from all rumors and expectations about the new iPhones. We are all aware that Apple wants to improve its maps in order to be more compatible with Google on the market and because of that, it bought few companies that will make this work. The latest acquisition is a mapping company that offers information about mass transit. This is the latest company in the line which will help Apple find the required niche which will bring its maps on a higher level.

After few rumors circling around the Web, Apple has confirmed this purchase to several news websites. It has purchased a San Francisco-based mapping company called Embark. This company was founded back in 2011 and it has few investors like Start Fund: Yuri Milner, Y Combinator and BMW. Both companies haven’t disclosed the amount of money Apple paid in order to purchase this company but we expect to get this information soon.

After Apple announced that its maps will no longer be powered by Google Maps, a new version was brought up on September 2012. Since then, Apple started investing more in mapping tech. This company has bought Locationary last month, which specializes in handling interest points into the mapping databases. HopStop was also bought by Apple in the same month and this company is handling the access to entire transit information. This newly bought company also provides access and information about mass transit for a couple of cities in Europe and United States. This will be a great fit for Apple because its Maps service doesn’t provide this data.



According to AppleInsider, this company wants to hire 80 maps experts in order to built accurate maps service. This source has spotted this job posting on Apple’s official website. Among these experts, Apple seeks local experts for Maps Ground Truth that will come from different cities. They reported that its Maps team is searching for people who are willing to offer passion about mapping, testing skills and great knowledge of their region in order to help them build better maps. Every expert will be responsible for Apple Maps in his own region including the maps services and data. The hired experts will need to monitor all changes to the maps, give feedback for the special map requirements and some other information.

Apple isn’t looking only for experts to help the team built better maps. The team also asks all iOS users to help them improve the maps by letting Apple use data from their list of places they have visited. Apple promises it will keep this data anonymous while collecting the information about the street addresses which is associated with GPS coordinates obtained through its Frequent Location feature. This info is associated with your personal Apple ID.

We could see Apple Maps improvements already in the new iOS version, iOS 7, which is scheduled to come out this fall. The first rumored release date for this OS version is September 10 alongside two new iPhones, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C.

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