Nokia Asha 501: A Symbian Phone in the Middle of the Android Craze

Jaycee De Guzman August 24, 2013 0
Nokia Asha 501: A Symbian Phone in the Middle of the Android Craze


We’ve all been wondering why Nokia can’t jive with the Android Craze these days. It has never released an Android running phone in the midst of the operating system’s fame and popularity. Instead, it has released an average Symbian phone that may not be so enticing for most of the consumers.

The Nokia Asha 501 is an addition to the line of Symbian phones that Nokia is famous of. As expected, it’s available in various colors to choose from. There’s a flaming-hot red color, earth green, vibrant blue and is also available in yellow. It has a very durable design because of its thick back cover.

It has curved angles and it’s a phone that you’ll find very easy to slip into your pocket. It’s a 3-inch phone that even has a smaller display. We can’t question its portability and the comfort it brings to the users. It doesn’t have much memory to offer because it only has 128mb for its internal memory. You can only expand its memory by using a 4GB memory card that already comes with the package. However, its memory specifications are just enough to keep a Symbian phone running great.

Nokia Asha 501 A Symbian Phone in the Middle of the Android Craze 2


The ordinary applications are easy to navigate on this phone. You can use the Calendar without any hassle, the Fastlane application that will notify you of any saved meetings or notifications made.

However, it is featured with a Wi-Fi connectivity and you may use the standard HTML browser to be able to surf the internet comfortably. It also has Bluetooth, which is already expected and a speaker that is fair enough to have good call quality and sufficient for listening to music.

The Nokia Asha 501 is most famous in Latin America and in  most of the countries in Asia and the Middle East. Also, Europe and the United Kingdom were able to get a hold of this Symbian phone first back in June of 2013. However, it won’t be available in North America anytime soon, which caused a little disappointment to the avid Nokia users of the country.

It also has a very friendly price of $99 and will never hurt your budget. We all know that Nokia is capable of releasing Android smartphones, we just don’t know when. We will still have to wait as to when the company will partner with Google for us to enjoy a Nokia Android smartphone.

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