PHTL Hot Watch: What Are the Features That Makes It Hot?

Jaycee De Guzman August 24, 2013 1
PHTL Hot Watch: What Are the Features That Makes It Hot?


The PH Technic Labs has been evident through the years. It has already designed and released a number of amazing devices that help boost the evolution of technology. It has invented the Power USB, iCount, Dynamic Galore and its latest innovation – the Hot Watch.

The Hot Watch has been designed three years ago, back in the year 2010. It also acquired its patent during the same year. The company never stopped developing and giving the final touches to its new invention. Finally, the Hot Watch is complete and is set to be released anytime this year. According to sources, it should be available in the market in the third quarter of this year, which is just a few weeks from now.

PHTL Hot Watch What Are the Features That Makes It Hot 2


We have been informed of the major features of the device and its main purpose is to make our lives more convenient and hassle-free. It will work with smartphones like the ones from Blackberry, iPhone and many others. The main point here is that it will be working with smartphones running Android and iOs.

When connected to our smartphones, the Hot Watch will allow us to manage our social media notifications and statuses without even holding our phones. It will also allow us to keep track of our daily activities like our daily exercise routines, everyday things to do, manage our calendar reminders and many others.

The good thing is that the Hot Watch will allow us to answer calls and read text messages without having the need to reach for our smartphones in our pockets. With just a hover of a hand, we will be able to read and answer calls. Also, it allows us to answer calls by simply placing our hands on our ears and start a conversation. These are the features that make this watch more than helpful in achieving our daily missions in life.

We have been waiting for Samsung and some other leading brands to release a product like this. We have also experienced Sony’s smart watch and it does the same tasks for us. It could be possible that every single person in the world will have a Hot Watch once it comes out in the market this year.

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  1. Tony  August 31, 2014 at 4:51 am - Reply

    lol you may want to do an update to this story considering the hot watch is still not out yet, and looks like it never will be with how the company has been running things, just go check out thier kickstarter page or their facebook page to see whats been going on. would be really interesting to see what they would tell you about whats up with the status of the watch considering it’s about 9 months past the time it was supposed to ship.

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