Sony Xperia Z: Is It a No-No or a Go-Go Waterproof Smartphone?

Jaycee De Guzman August 24, 2013 0
Sony Xperia Z: Is It a No-No or a Go-Go Waterproof Smartphone?


Since Sony parted ways with Ericsson and started releasing the Sony Xperia line of smartphones, the company has never been as successful as before. It has released a number of handsets that sort of looks the same and has obviously the same designs. It’s the first brand that is able to place a transparent strip at the bottom of the screen, which also serves as the antenna of the phone.

Following the other released handsets is the Sony Xperia Z. It is by far, the most expensive handset of the company as of the moment. Not to mention that it is a waterproof handset and dust-free as well. So that actually means, you can go swimming in the pool without hesitating to answer an urgent phone call or send a text message while taking a shower.

The Xperia Z has 16GB if internal memory storage and unfortunately, it doesn’t allow us to expand its memory. It doesn’t have a memory card slot and uses a micro-SIM to make it work. It looks like a piece of glass at first glance because it doesn’t have any buttons at the bottom. It is one way of keeping the handset waterproof.

It is one of the slimmest smartphones in the market today with a very large screen. It has a 5-inch screen with an HD display of 1080p. It is a quad-core phone that is powered by a Qualcomm processor. Some sources revealed that Sony is in the middle of developing an updated version of the handset that will have a more powerful processor. That we will find out once the company confirms that it’s true.


Sony Xperia Z Is It a No-No or a Go-Go Waterproof Smartphone 2

We all know that Sony has better cameras in its smartphones. The Xperia Z has a 13-megapixel camera that won’t disappoint you even if you want to zoom out the photos into its maximum level. We have known that since the first time Sony has released its high-end smartphones. It also has a number of connectivity options and its speakers are equipped with the Bravia system that you will never get enough of.

The big catch is the waterproof and dust-free features of the phone. You can hardly find a company that will be able to release amazing innovations like the one Sony has brought to the market. According to statistics, Sony Xperia Z’s sales rate is now trying to overtake the rate of Samsung Galaxy S4’s and it increases as time goes by.

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