Lumia 625 – the Affordable, LTE-enabled Smartphone by Nokia

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If you have been searching for an affordable LTE enabled smartphone, Nokia Lumia 625 comes to save the day and give you everything that you have been looking for. Nokia has released this smartphone recently and it is a device with the largest screen running on Windows Phone. You can see that the market is heading towards making smartphones with bigger screens and Nokia wants to follow that trend making quick progress.

Display and Design

The primary thing easy to notice on this phone is its beautifully designed large screen. This device sports a 4.7-inch display that offers an 800 x 480 pixel resolution giving pixel density of 201ppi. This display has been made as IPS LCD with sensitive touch-screen technology. Windows Phone devices always include great screens even with low resolution as this one. When we see a new smartphone coming out from a company we’re always eager to see higher resolution from the previous models but this time Nokia chose to give us a resolution that was available in the first Lumia devices. Giving that this phone has affordable price, we couldn’t expect any better. This large screen doesn’t have high resolution but still, it is very well designed which gives great looks.


This device comes in few different colors: black, green, orange, yellow and white. You can see that the color covers only the back plate that wraps around the edges. You are able to buy all color plates and change them occasionally because the back pops out giving you this opportunity. It’s made from plastic and it feels different than the other plastic made devices giving durable appeal. When you open the back plate you can notice the microSD and SIM card slot which are stacked together and placed on the right side. According to Nokia, the battery is not removable but as far as we can see, there are some screws that are telling us otherwise.

You can find all Windows Phone buttons placed on the right side of the phone while the headphone jack is placed on the top and the microUSB port on the bottom. On the upper back you will see the camera centered alongside with a small flash. Its dimensions are 133.2 x 72.2 x 9.2 mm and it weighs 152 grams.

Camera and Software                                                               

We expected a camera with great features on this device, too, because the company’s focus recently was all about the camera. However, the company has decided to include a basic camera and the Lumia 625 comes equipped with a 5-mpix camera without the latest Carl Zeiss optics or any other features that Nokia is known for. The device has a front-facing VGA camera that is here only for making video calls. We can’t say that the photos taken from the back-facing camera are bad but we can’t say that they are perfect, either.

nokia lumia 625


Nokia Lumia 625 runs on Windows Phone 8 and it has the latest upgrade for Nokia Amber. This update includes new software like Nokia Smart Camera, Nokia Music, Nokia Video Trimmer, HERE Maps, FM Radio and YouTube Nokia Video Upload. This smartphone isn’t available on the US market yet, but you can find it as an international unlocked smartphone. There is nothing unique or brand new that can distance this phone from other Lumia phones.


Under the hood, there are some impressive specs for a phone of this caliber. This phone is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S4 processor along with 512MB of RAM. It has 8GB storage capacity which can be upgraded with microSD card. The Lumia 625 battery performance isn’t that great because Nokia decided to include a 2,000 mAh battery that won’t get you through whole work day. As we said earlier, it has a support for 4G LTE network and comes with a support for Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 (b.g.n).

Bottom Line

This phone comes as the most affordable in his class but it’s not been offered by any of the US carriers. You can still get it through importers for $342.

nokia lumia 625


–       You should buy this phone if you were seeking for an affordable device, microSD slot for expanding the memory, Windows 8 large screen phone, Durable shell.


–       You should avoid this phone if you don’t want to deal with low display resolution, 512 RAM, low internal storage.

However, Nokia Lumia 625 won’t give you a poor performance but it couldn’t be compared the best in the business, either. This smartphone has been designed to represent a low-cost device with big screen and we can agree that Nokia has succeeded in its plans. This smartphone is expected to be available in the Klang Valley by the end of this month and coming worldwide in September. If this phone meets your requirements than you should wait a little bit longer until it arrives in your country.

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