Google Schemer helps you Plan and Organize better

Jasmina Lozevska August 24, 2013 0
Google Schemer helps you Plan and Organize better

Let’s talk about an application that is actually helpful for a second. Google Schemer helps you track and plan things even if you are in the middle of something. Google said that this application is the beginning of everything that is worth doing. You are able to do many activities and simplify your life by using this application and if you are daring, ambitious and curios person, Schemer is a must-have. If you were wondering how it works, well – it’s all about the schemes. Scheme represents anything that is on your mind that you will want to do.

This app by Google will help you plan or discover plans based on your current location or future destination. Right after you install it, Schemer will integrate with your complete contact list and show you a social to-do list a.k.a. schemes. If there is any special thing you are dying to do or try, you can set up a scheme in order to keep track of the synced social list. Schemer has the ability to offer you your friends’ schemes based on certain locations.

Every profile of the users displays some useful info. It includes information about completed schemes by each person of your contact list and how many people got inspired of this same scheme. You can even track popular tracks through the built-in maps if you need to go somewhere or do something. Collect all the schemes you find fancy and using the app, try accomplishing them. Google promises fun and quality time while you are trying to complete them. You will always have a scheme prepared whether you are on vacation or out for a drink with your friends. This app has the ability to offer you a scheme that is perfect for the moment.

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Schemer is closely tied up with your Google+ account in order to show you schemes of all people from your circles. You can even take advantage of this app to find new stuff that you can do with your friends. You’ll just need to pick a great and fun scheme and show it to your friends. I’m sure that they will hop on board with you to have great time.

This app is free for download and supports only Android OS. It requires Android 2.2 and up. Google hasn’t done anything lately to upgrade this application but we hope that it will continue to grow in near future. We expect to get integrated with Google Now but that’s just us requiring from Google to do the next upgrade.

Have you already downloaded it? – Share your experience with this application in the comments section below after you try it.

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