Facebook-owned Instagram Acquires Luma, a Camera App for Improving the Video Feature

Jasmina Lozevska August 25, 2013 0
Facebook-owned Instagram Acquires Luma, a Camera App for Improving the Video Feature

Right after Apple bought a mapping service company in order to improve its maps to get closer to Google, Instagram also made a move to get its service as nearly successful as Vine’s. This Facebook-owned company has purchased Luma, whose team specializes in video stabilization technology. With this acquisition, Instagram hopes that its users will be able to capture clear footage with higher quality and everyone will be happy and satisfied.

Besides this, Luma’s team is also capable of improving effects and filters technology. Specific details and deal terms haven’t been disclosed yet. On its official website, Luma’s team wrote that they were really excited to announce that they were purchased by Instagram. Facebook also confirmed this deal but declined to reveal more details about the purchase.

Luma has been founded a year and a half ago and it seems that it will be great fit to Instagram’s video offer. The video feature by Instagram already has an auto-correction of shaky footage and cinema feature and these are the perfect fields where Luma can focus its efforts and improve them. The breakthrough point was the iPhone app that came out at the end of last year. This application was designed to make the footage smooth and steady while removing the handshake of videos shot by mobile phones. This appeared to be a great addition and people were using it in order to capture the best moment not caring if their hands were moving or the final product could be a shaky footage.


As Instagram and its biggest rival, Vine, are in war over short movies market, both have been trying hard to introduce something that will distinguish the final products from the other. While Vine has been building its loyal fans noting 40 million registered users for couple of months, Instagram Video has been dealing with plans that will improve the shooting and make the sharing of these HQ videos easy. Many market analysts have said that Instagram is described as a more serious place than Vine where Comedy is the niche that brings them way ahead of the first company. This makes sense if you see all the 6-second videos that have been shared through the social network.

We will see what this new acquisition will bring to Instagram and to Facebook, too. If Instagram’s team finds the best way to make the video feature better and innovative, it will definitely lure people back from Vine. Until then, Vine is enjoying in its glory time while people are enjoying making short video clips which are very funny.

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