Rumor has it – Google Glass to be Available in Best Buy the Following Year

Heidi Speare August 25, 2013 0
Rumor has it – Google Glass to be Available in Best Buy the Following Year


Remember that gadget that is about to change the whole game when it comes to wearable devices? – Yep, the latest rumor about Google Glass raises our hopes again saying that we could see this gadget the following year. It seems that Google had enough and they are ready to deal with the real world. This gadget has been available only for developers and we saw some professional sport players wearing it in order to show us the experience through their eyes (Roy Hibbert – NBA player for Indiana Pacers).

This rumor is coming from Robert Scoble, who wrote on its official Google+ page that he heard about a possible deal with Best Buy. If you are expecting the day when you will be able to go to a retail store and buy your pair of smart glasses, it could actually come next year. This could be the easiest choice if you don’t want to go through that boring process of ordering your gadget through Google Play Store.

Knowing Google, you can already imagine that this process won’t be as simple as going to Best Buy and take it from their product shelves. According to this source, Google plans to rent an in-store space from this retailer in order to promote and sell the Glass. According to Scoble, who is a long time Google Glass follower, this will offer you a spectacle that will be fitted right into your face. This is really important when you want to buy something from a retail shop and its environment. And it is not the only thing that Google has on mind. Google Glass isn’t some ordinary tech product that you can buy every day. It’s not a laptop, smartwatch or even a smartphone because it delivers an experience that you have never dealt with before and it could not be a great fit for everyone. Selling the Glass this way, Google offers you an opportunity to try on this device and see how it fits you before you empty your pockets. You couldn’t take advantage of this if you are ordering it online.

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The company wants to take 6,000 square feet space of Best Buy in order to provide customers some space to get in and try it on and buy it. I know that this is more than enough, but as we are told Google will fill in its Chromebook and Nexus products alongside the Glass. This won’t be problem for Best Buy because in previous reports we were able to see that this retail shop is able to sublease 4,000 to 15,000 square feet to any other company that wants to sell products here. Plus, if you keep on mind that Best Buy’s average size is approximately 45,000 square feet then there won’t be any problem for Google to get into Best Buy with its requirements.

As we are getting towards the end of this year, it is unlikely that we will be able to see the Glass available through any store this year. There were some previous suggestions that it won’t be available until the end of 2014 and we can hope that it will come to Best Buy earlier than that. Best Buy hasn’t confirmed that there is a deal coming with this company but it didn’t exclude the possibility, either. According to a company’s spokesman Jon Sandler there isn’t any deal going on at the moment. However, Best Buy CEO, Hubert Joly, has mentioned that if any partnership deal makes sense then they will be open for collaboration.

When do you think that this gadget could arrive? – Share your expectations in the comments section below.

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