Unofficial Instagram App by French Developer Available for Windows Phone devices

Sara Cunningham August 25, 2013 0
Unofficial Instagram App by French Developer Available for Windows Phone devices

Windows Phone users have been wondering when there will the collaboration between Instagram and Microsoft finally happen in order to bring them this photo editing and sharing app. Because they didn’t get any answer by now, a French developer has came up with an idea to develop an application that will be unofficially called Instagram. All users can finally catch up with the latest photos shared by its iOS and Android based users with this service. According to all sources this application hasn’t been verified and officially announced by Facebook and we haven’t heard any comments from this company about this application.

This unofficial Instagram application for Windows Phone has been developed and authored by a French developer called Rudy Huyn. The name of the developer has been unveiled by The Verge. According to this Verge’s reliable sources, this application a.k.a. 6tag is free and it includes all features that can be found on the real Instagram application which is available on Android and iOS based devices. Because this app is unofficially Instagram coming from third-party, it could stop with its work right away if Facebook decides to change any of its APIs.

This application allows Windows Phone users to get access to all original filters which are found on Instagram. Along this, they have access to video uploads and radial and blur effects. If you thought that copying another man’s work sounds great, take a look at this developer who wants to make himself popular by copying Instagram’s work. I’m not saying that there aren’t any similar apps to Instagram out there but at least they have different filter names.

Anyway, this application allows you to share images to Foursquare, VK, Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. Right before this information showed up, there were some reports circling around the web saying that Instagram has modified couple of its spam filters in order to block photos uploaded by third-party applications under Instagram. Facebook later has announced that everything is in its right place now and Instagram is available again to upload third-party photos.

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According to previous news, the same source claimed that Microsoft will put an end to the whining for Windows Phone based Instagram app and it will release its version by the end of this year. Maybe this is the first sneak-peek of what we could see in the upcoming weeks. Instagram didn’t comment when it will bring support of its app for Windows Phone or if it plans to do this sometime. For those who are waiting the official release, please download 6tag for now and enjoy Instagram’s benefits under different name.

There are no details what is stopping Instagram and Microsoft to bring a decision for releasing a Windows based Instagram application. Maybe this is a great indicator for both companies to reconsider things in near future and made a move towards releasing an official application. Meanwhile, there are some concerns that maybe 6tag have provoked privacy issues and this yet to be disclosed.

After you download and try this application, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

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