Blackberry Q5 Is Surprisingly a Fast and Snappy QWERTY Smartphone

Jaycee De Guzman August 25, 2013 0
Blackberry Q5 Is Surprisingly a Fast and Snappy QWERTY Smartphone


Blackberry has tried its luck in releasing a touchscreen smartphone this year. Yet, it remains to stand firm in bringing the best smartphones that have physical QWERTY keypads in front. The Blackberry Q5 is launched in certain parts of the world and is also considered as the most affordable QWERTY keypad smartphone of Blackberry as of the moment.

It has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and was still manufactured by Qualcomm. To be exact, a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor is powering up the Blackberry Q5. It must be able to maintain a fast speed because it is paired with a RAM that has 2GB of memory capacity. Aside from the RAM, it also has a built-in 8GB of ROM. The handset also has a separate slot for the memory card in order to expand the ROM or internal memory of the handset.

Blackberry Q5 Is Surprisingly a Fast and Snappy QWERTY Smartphone 2


It also has two cameras. There’s one at the back and one placed in front. The back camera is 5 megapixels with two additional features. Its additional features are the autofocus and LED flash options. You can freely activate or deactivate any of the options depending on your preference. At the same time, it has a 2-megapixel camera in front, which is already enough to be able to sustain video calls anytime.

However, we don’t like the fact that its battery is not removable. It’s totally attached inside the cover case. It seems like the user must have to send the handset back to the company just in case the battery encounters a problem. At the same time, it has a not-so-powerful battery with a power of 2,180 mAh. It should last more than a day if you’re not going to use applications that are too heavy for the handset’s battery to handle.

It is running the Blackberry 10 operating system by default. But you can always upgrade it to the new update, which is the Blackberry 10.0 system.

Testing the Blackberry Q5 was a surprise because we thought it’s not going to be very responsive. It turns out that it’s exactly the opposite and it didn’t let us experience any delays while it was in use. We are still unsure if the Blackberry Q5 will be available in the whole world. But it should have a price tag ranging from $400 – $500.

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