A Better Video Launching of PS4 in a Span of Three Minutes and a Few Seconds

Sara Cunningham February 23, 2013 0

Gadget lovers have been waiting for the release of PS4. There we sit in front of our televisions, waiting for the launching to start. As expected, everything was presented formally and in a very organized manner, carefully listening to technical terms, software features and other unfamiliar terminologies. That is normal. These are all expected in a launching of such a big time gadget like PS4. But, it seems like not much has been added nor changed to its features. The same software was provided and even common parts of the device were elaborated.

A Better Video Launching of PS4 in a Span of Three Minutes and a Few Seconds

Much to our excitement, people from VideogamerTV created their own launching of the PS4. They made a more entertaining video that we may find funny but sufficient enough to explain everything what it has to offer. It is now starting to become viral in the world wide web. If you compare the video to the real launching that took place, they actually explained everything in three minutes. Yes, three minutes. It wasn’t boring and still informative.

The key features were still present, from the buttons up to the software available in today’s PS4. The video emphasized the features that took so much time for them to explain, but were already featured in the last version. Apart from that, the experience of watching the video was a lot more revealing. If you were to choose, pretty sure you would rather watch the video to learn about the latest release, rather than spending too much time in front of your television watching the event.

The video featured the games that were already featured in PS3. It was funny how they tried to make a conversation out of the characters in the games. It was entertaining to hear side comments, comments that are hilarious but really sensible. We love the different types of accents being used in the video. Who could ever think of giving the bosses their own characters, which turned out really cute.

Every single feature of the PS4 was presented in a span of three minutes. Maybe if people knew there will be a video like this, they wouldn’t watch the launching. However, Sony Playstation deserves to be credited to the efforts done for the launching. But the video from VideogamerTV was worth watching for.

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