Latest iPhone 5S-Related Rumors

Jasmina Lozevska August 26, 2013 0
Latest iPhone 5S-Related Rumors

I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve said that Apple’s iPhone 5S is on the horizon and we are already able to somehow imagine its looks and feel its features. Every day, we are receiving numerous rumors and speculations about this device that we can’t define as a final product. At least not yet.

Expectations are really high and Apple better meet all of them because there will be a lot of disappointed faces. We can all of this is only rumors and none of that is happening but we there are some reliable sources which are really close to the company’s future plans and are claiming that something great is cooking in Apple’s oven.

Apple could launch the next-gen iPhone 5 on September 10 and according to a source from Japan, the sales will begin later, possibly September 20. This could be the most reliable information that we have received in the past period. Alongside this, we’ve seen lots of new speculations about specs, colors, features, release dates, and even price. Have we missed something?

Here’s what we heard lately about the new and expected specification for the iPhone 5S.

  •  Chips

It’s more likely that will see bigger storage capacity on this phone. This was lacking since the beginning and people desperately wanted to see microSD slot on some of Apple’s previous versions. The iPhone 5S could go for 128GB flash storage because we already saw the iPad 4th generation with this amount of storage capacity. We will definitely see an upgraded A7 processor chip because we’ve seen Apple including a new processor in its newest iPhones.

  • Camera

This spec has become the most important for most consumers out there. I don’t know quite understand why, but that’s how it is at the moment. The latest rumor is that iPhone 5S’ camera will sport a larger aperture f/2.0, just like HTC One has, and it will feature a dual-LED flash. This means better quality of the images and improved performance under low-light environment.


  • Fingerprint home button scanner

This isn’t the first time we are seeing Apple involved into implementing this scanner to its devices. It’s more likely now that the iPhone 5S will have this feature because Apple has bought AuthenTech, which specializes in fingerprint sensor tech. This addition will improve electronic payments and bring easier experience while getting music or sensitive data directly from iCloud.

  • New network standard support

We hear many rumors related about new 3G and 4G standards that could be supported with the iPhone 5S. The last thing we heard was that the iPhone 5S might support 4G TDD LTE standard from China. This will mean that the iPhone 5S will get a huge boost in China and receive large market share globally.

The iPhone 5S could be available with standard black and white version plus another one – the Champagne-Gold version.

This is everything you should know for now. If Apple manages to unveil an iPhone with these improvements than I can bet that there is a bright future ahead of this tech company. September 10 is very close and I am eager to get to know the latest device from the iPhone lineup.

What would you like to see on the iPhone 5S? – Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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