Facebook Replaces Physical Gifts with Gift Cards

Alex Bezeau August 26, 2013 0
Facebook Replaces Physical Gifts with Gift Cards


I always thought that the Facebook Gift program needs something that will make users take it more seriously and start using it more often. The latest news related to this feature suggests that Facebook finally drops its physical goods from the program and is replacing them with digital codes and gift cards. Facebook decided to keep its Gifts but ditch all the silly additions that were listed as gifts so far. You can now feel free and offer your friends a birthday gift for some special occasions.

The main reason for changing this seems to be very simple. We were told that this social network has been monitoring this service for couple of months now and noticed that many people using this Gifts program are purchasing all the gifts through this service. People wanted to avoid all that crowded retail purchasing and they found the right place for it. Facebook has came up with an idea to abandon these physical gifts and replace them with digital codes which will make these Gift cards more easy to handle. In other words, simplify the whole process.

According to Lee Linden, the Head Executive of this program, the decision was made based on their users’ feedback. Linden added that this physical stuff are also good but their goal is heading to another direction and want to built something great for all people who like this service.



The social network also made a decision to redesign its Gift store and all users will be now enabled to notice many differences. Facebook has a plan to launch this service for all users next week. It added that all users will see brand new merchant offerings of gift cards for you to purchase and small introduction of these gift cards. If you have used this program, you probably noticed the Facebook Card service. This service still remains complicated as it was before and when you want to give a gift to a friend using Facebook Card, the person will receive a blue physical card in their mail alongside the gift balance. You won’t be able to pick up the card with the amount and spent it all to a retailer that supports it. You will be able to hold multiply gift card balances that are for different retailers. Maybe it is a bit confusing right now but when you start using it, you’ll see it’s not that complicated.

Gifts service was launched in September, 2012 with a hope that this service will become a combination of social appeal and easy money. The plan was giving Facebook users a way to use the platform for a small amount of money while promoting Gifts to their friends alongside with the retailer which supports this program. It was a win-win situation but as you can see, things didn’t go as Facebook planned.

The bad result came when the total revenues were revealed by Facebook. Back in January, it was said that only $5 million of the total $256 million came from non-gaming sources, which includes the promotion of posts and Gifts. We hope that this change will meet the expectations of this program and give revenue as it should have from its beginning. We have to say Facebook already changed one thing since this service came up. Earlier in April of 2013, it has decided to expand Gifts to all users worldwide.

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