Leaked Photos Show the iPhone 5C Being Tested

Sara Cunningham August 26, 2013 0
Leaked Photos Show the iPhone 5C Being Tested

Another one of those leaked photos showing the new budget iPhone 5C from Apple came out of the dark. Lots of rumors are making it clear that this year we will see Apple entering the budget market with a low-cost iPhone. This device could arrive alongside the iPhone 5S which is rumored to came out on September 10. This source has previously showed a couple of leaked images and this time, this French site called NowhereElse is showing us a photo of many iPhone 5C being tested. We can say that they are really busy making Photoshop edited pictures but what is the purpose of that? – There must be something true about these photos.

With the release of the next gen iPhone might approaching, it’s getting more clear that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone. We can only sit back and wait for the day to come while reading and hearing all rumors about both devices. The latest shot coming from this well-known source clearly shows us the existence of the new iPhone 5C. According to the picture, this low-cost iPhone 5C is currently tested for some general and capacity operations. The site also said that these devices could be knockoffs but we are still here wondering if Apple will finally make its move towards the budget market or wait to see other companies doing that.

Apple has all rights to release its iPhone 5C because other companies like Samsung and HTC already did it with their high-end devices. Both Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and HTC One Mini are meant to be going to markets like India or South America where the population doesn’t want to spend all that money for buying high-end devices. It’s more likely this phone not to be available in the U.S.


We can expect this phone to feature a plastic multi-colored body with smaller screen. We can expect it to be similar with the iPhone 3GS but this one is going to be lighter and thinner. It could support 4G LTE network and be available for a smaller price tag. It’s just a matter of time when we will start hearing rumors about the specs and features of this phone. It’s only said that won’t be as powerful as the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S and it could replace the iPhone 4S as the lowest-cost iPhone right after its unveiled on the market.

Apple hasn’t commented on these rumors so far and we’ve seen Tim Cook saying they don’t have an intention of releasing a low-cost device earlier this year. Maybe his vision is changed now and we will see the iPhone 5C at the event scheduled for September 10.

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