Facebook CEO’s Plan to Provide Cheap Internet Access Exposed

Heidi Speare August 26, 2013 0
Facebook CEO’s Plan to Provide Cheap Internet Access Exposed


As we reported few days ago, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants the whole world in his hands. On its way to make the Internet more affordable to the emerging markets he asked: does connectivity represent a human right? This was asked through its official Facebook account and according to him, the answer is definitely YES! In order to succeed into making the Internet affordable to every person in this world, he needs to decrease the deliver data efficiency. We can agree that he can’t do it by himself and we already told you that he is taking Samsung, Qualcomm, Nokia and Ericsson with him. This coalition shares the same thoughts about giving people what they need the most, free or low fee Internet access.

On the event yesterday, where Zuckerberg has explained the whole plan, he said that Facebook has more than 1.15 billion users and invested $1 billion in order to make people from the developing markets connected for the past years. He addressed a flaw that he spotted on his way to make the plan successful. According to him, many people don’t have the power and income to spend on gaining an Internet access. In order to make the Internet available worldwide there are some tech and business improvements that will bring cheap or free access for those people who can’t afford it.  Mark said that these improvements mean an infrastructure that can carry a big and expensive load. These costs need to be reduced if they want to enable carriers to continue making profits while giving free or cheap access to their customers. Most people have heard about messaging and Facebook and they want to gain access to these services but the problem is they don’t know how to do this. He said that these people are old or very young, either way they just can’t afford it. Mark addressed them saying that they need to be covered with this affordable access  but the main goal now is leaning towards those who have computers or smartphones.

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He also mentioned that they are focused now on building applications like Facebook, which will use less data and can be used on every smartphone for free. The key to this is defining which service will offer free data and which will demand a data plan. Mark said that if they distinguish these two it’s possible for them to deliver Internet to many people while still generating profits for the whole industry.

Zuckerberg then described the social networks like services that are offering all people a possibility to connect with them and discover more content. He compared connecting with all the people that surround you with the human behavior. He might be right but many studies would disagree with this.

At the end, he said that low infrastructure credit in the emerging countries have prevented all operators for offering low-price plans to their customers because it requires investments on a longer term. All operators probably don’t know anything about their pre-paid customers and making these connections, linking Facebook or other accounts with those operators, will solve the problem and they will be enabled to improve their service which is given to customers.

This is the official statement that was given by Zuckerberg for the plan. Sounds promising, but will it come true in near future? What do you think?

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