LG LA8600: Most Expensive and Smartest Television by LG Electronics

Jaycee De Guzman August 27, 2013 0
LG LA8600: Most Expensive and Smartest Television by LG Electronics


LG has been trying very hard to be the top company that brings the most useful and innovated SmartTVs in the market. Aside from its designs, LG also came up with additional features for its SmartTVs to have a very high demand from the consumers.

However, some of its television models are making it really hard to convince the consumers to choose its products because of its prices. The LG SmartTVs belong to the high-end television and it’s frustrating to know that it has the most expensive televisions in the market today.  It’s most expensive model as of today is the LG LA8600 SmartTV and we’re going to look at its features and specifications closely.

LG LA8600 Most Expensive and Smartest Television By LG Electronics 2

Without considering the price of the LG LA8600, this would probably be the TV set that you would choose first. It has a very thin body and very smooth surface, which makes its design very attractive. Its screen comes in full black color and has silver linings on its edges. It also has a stand or a rack that has a very minimalistic design and you wouldn’t even notice that it’s even there.


Controlling this SmartTV will never be a problem for its users. The controller itself has a new design and appears to be very ergonomic. It’s in a beautiful silver color with buttons that seem to be embedded in its surface. The buttons are not bulging and it’s very easy to press. Aside from that, it uses the Magic Motion technology.

It allows the user to control the television without pointing it directly to its sensor. It also allows the user to manage the television with just a hover of the controller in front of it. To cut it short, you can imagine playing a Nintendo Wii game console when using the Magic Motion controller.

Just like any other SmartTV, it allows you to visit the internet and watch all the shows of any online and offline cable show providers. You can also check the On Now page wherein you will see the current shows on channels that you have saved as your favorites.

Overall, this television is a total package and it even acts like a computer and a television in one. If you want one for yourself, you would need to save yourself some $1,700 to get it in straight cash.

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