Microsoft Xbox 360 E Surprised Everyone in a Bad Way

Jaycee De Guzman August 27, 2013 1


We are all anticipating November 2013 as it is said to be the exact month wherein the new Xbox One will be available in stores worldwide. However, Microsoft is giving us a reason to sit back and relax and forget about the Xbox One for now.

The company has released a follow-up gaming console to the Xbox 360 S or what they call the slim Xbox. A newer version of the 360 is the Xbox 360 E. With the release of the new gaming console, it leaves a question to the consumers. Do they really have to invest in a new Xbox 360 or rather wait for the Xbox One which is set to be out later this year?

Comparing the Xbox 360 E to the Xbox 360 S, we found out that nothing much has changed. The only change made was the decrease in the number of ports, which didn’t entice more of the fanatics.

Microsoft Xbox 360 E Surprised Everyone in a Bad Way 2


In terms of design, the new Xbox 360 is just a few millimeters smaller than the previous one. Its surface is still glossy and the physical design isn’t that far from the Xbox 360 S. However, you’ll see the obvious differences if you take a look at the back part of the gaming console. It’s depressing that the multi-AV port isn’t available in this Xbox version anymore. But seeing the HDMI port to still be there gives us a little relief.

It’s also disappointing to know that even the optical audio-out feature isn’t available anymore. We all know that all 360s have this feature. It only means one thing – we can no longer enjoy the amazing sound output in this Xbox 360 and that is not satisfying. The USB ports are also reduced to four instead of five ports at the back.

No one has expected the new Xbox to have lesser features and back panel options. It’s alarming to know that it actually has almost the same price of the latter version. Everyone was expecting all of the features to be the same and that even more options were added.

This may not be a good move for Microsoft. The Xbox One will be available very soon and we don’t think people will invest in this gaming console and would rather wait for the Xbox One’s launching this 2013.

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  1. charlesclarke3  August 27, 2013 at 2:38 am - Reply

    Lame. Yes you can get the same audio quality out of your XBox 360 as you always have. HDMI carries HD audio with it. TV’s are getting more suffisticated and have optical audio out of thier own. I would look toward the wifi capabilities of the new XBox 360 E (which obviously stands for entertainment). I’ve noticed adapter to get dual band wifi on your xbox 360 Slim, perhaps they built this into XBox 360 E. Since its for wireless entertainment dual band would be more suited for video. Google may be increasing Microsoft’s price on Wifi as well, hence the slimming down of features in order to maintain the price. But any way you look at it, ports are dinosaurs. I’m hoping they included the new protocol for sharing desktop video from windows 8 into the device. I may have to purchase a whole new round of xboxes. Luckily they are only 99 bucks. :)

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