Samsung Galaxy Golden Gives the Flip Phones a Comeback

Jaycee De Guzman August 27, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy Golden Gives the Flip Phones a Comeback


Can you still remember the very first time Samsung released its pioneer handsets? We’re talking about the time when smartphones haven’t been invented yet and only Blackberry was the only company that produced elegant-looking corporate Smartphones.

Yes, we could still remember the flip phones that Samsung used to be famous of. We thought those days are finally gone and no one will ever use a flip phone today and in the coming years. However, Samsung gives us a tour back to the retro years of mobile phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Golden is the newest release of the company. It’s a smartphone that is amazingly stuffed in a flip cover case. It has a dual screen as well and mind you, both of the screens are equipped with Samsung’s wonderful touch technology.

Samsung Galaxy Golden Gives the Flip Phones a Comeback 2

Its two screens measure 3.7 inches and are both using the AMOLED display, for which Samsung is very famous about. It has 800×480 resolution value, which is just understandable because it only has two small screens. If the resolution value would be higher, the images would appear very sharp and that isn’t going to be friendly to the eyes.


It also runs Android Jelly Bean version 4.2, which for sure can be updated as soon as Google releases a new update of the said operating system. It has a front and back camera wherein the front camera is 1.9 megapixel. Its back has an amazing 8 megapixel camera. It just goes to show that Samsung made a good plan in having the new and the old meet in between.

It should be an average-performing flip Android phone because it’s powered by a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. It is also LTE-capable and that would entice us more to own one of the most futuristic smartphones in the world yet has a flashback touch of the past.

It’s such an icebreaker for Samsung to release a smartphone that is far from the normal look of the phones today. Handsets today are all in rectangular shapes and come in different sizes. We’re all excited about this phone, but it’s confirmed that it will only be made available in South Korea for now.

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