Vizio Comes Back to the Scene With Vizio M551d-A2r TV

Jaycee De Guzman August 27, 2013 0
Vizio Comes Back to the Scene With Vizio M551d-A2r TV


Vizio is an electronics company that used to have a big name in the industry. It used to be known as the company that brings excellent designs for its television models. It went out of the picture when Samsung and LG started to steal the scene from the company.

However, it’s about time for Vizio to regain its throne and release televisions that can compete with its competitors. Lately, it has released the E and M television series. These are two of the newest lines that the company released after a few years of laying back and strive for better innovation in its products.

Vizio Comes Back to the Scene With Vizio M551d-A2r TV 1


The Vizio M551d – A2r is one of the few models that are included in the Vizio M Series. It has exceptional design and it’s fascinating to know that Vizio was able to come up with this kind of design. It is literally slim and the metal edges are very slim as well, giving us a wider and larger screen for the television to display images. It also has a silver stand that completes the sophisticated design and look of the TV set.

It also comes with a standard remote control. The new remote control supports the backlighting feature, which will only work if the right button is pressed in the dark. There is a lot of times that the controller and the sensor can’t communicate really well. It is relatively slow and sometimes freezes. However, it does all of the commands requested by the user after freezing, which is an advantage feature of the said device.

The television is also a SmartTV and has its own application for more convenience on the user’s end. It’s the Vizio Internet Apps Plus which allows the user to see more applications on the screen. More applications can be shown on the screen on this new Smart TV’s new application platform.

The Vizio televisions used to be sports-oriented and are promoted using the NASCAR drivers. But now, there are some turns of events because the SmartTV is already promoted as an AV and gaming TV that can also be connected wired or wireless to the internet.

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